March 19, 2012

bangs...yes, no...maybe?

seeing all these pictures of taylor swift and her cute straight hair and new hairstyle..a la bangs...are making me want to get bangs again! it's been about 3 years since i cut my own bangs and i'm tempted to bring back them back. the only thing is...after a couple weeks i'm over the bangs and the regrowth feels like it takes fooooorever.

i love her look b/c her bangs are so soft and natural...they're not super harsh and straight (although some girls look great with that type of look) i think taylor looks best with the soft, natural look.

bangs back in the day...NYE 2008

scheduling a hair appointment for this weekend...bangs, no bangs? ahh decisions! haha

even though t-swift looks fab with straight hair and bangs, i think she looks best in her curly hair with soft make-up. LOVE that soft, pink lip color - she needs to wear this look more often! i'm getting tired of her red lips ALL the time! haha

good night! xoxo :)

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