March 29, 2012

mom's vintage :)

wore my mom's vintage necklaces today and got so many compliments at work! excited tomorrow is going to be 70 degrees..finally some spring weather and no rain :) AND tomorrow is FRIDAY!! crazy that saturday is going to be below 60 degrees! i'm going to enjoy the warm weather while i can :)

also wore: forever 21 top and jcrew cardigan

so pretty and fun :) hope you have a fabulous friday!XO

March 27, 2012

glitter and somebody that i used to know

i've been seeing this trend all over the blogs and have been dying to try it. i left work at a reasonable 6:15 today, so i decided to stop by CVS and pick up some pretty glitter polish...and i found essie's polish in set in stone. it is SO pretty!

excuse the sloppy application ;) i cleaned up the edges, i promise!
essie's set in stone and foot loose

also obsessed with this song. my sister is going to their concert on thursday and she was shocked i had never heard of gotye. she sent me this song...and yeah, it pretty much sums up my last relationship haha

hope you have a lovely night! XO

March 26, 2012

rain, rain go away...come back another day!

such a rainy weekend...but we did have a few moments of sunshine peeking through the rain and clouds :) since the weather was so dreary, i spent a lot of time inside...watching movies, shopping home decor, and doing a little decorating :)

L-R: pretty flowers blooming at my parents' house, checking out what all the fuss is about "hunger games", pretty decor from pier 1 imports, my saturday view from my apartment...rainy days, and pretty picture frames from pier 1 imports

my current fave lip combo...maybelline's color sensational in fuchsia fever, topped with nars damned...such a lovely matte pink/fuchsia look! LOVE it!

here's to a wonderful monday and week! and for those of you in the biz...may your end of Q1 not be too crazy!

March 24, 2012

girl crush: miranda kerr

seriously, she is so hot and pretty and cute and sweet all-in-one! plus she has the most adorable baby!! how cute is he!? and plus plus she has an accent and amazing style! oh miranda...

 her best look? as a mommy, of course!
she's gorg without make-up!! naturally beautiful! xo

happy weekend! :)

March 19, 2012

bangs...yes, no...maybe?

seeing all these pictures of taylor swift and her cute straight hair and new hairstyle..a la bangs...are making me want to get bangs again! it's been about 3 years since i cut my own bangs and i'm tempted to bring back them back. the only thing is...after a couple weeks i'm over the bangs and the regrowth feels like it takes fooooorever.

i love her look b/c her bangs are so soft and natural...they're not super harsh and straight (although some girls look great with that type of look) i think taylor looks best with the soft, natural look.

bangs back in the day...NYE 2008

scheduling a hair appointment for this weekend...bangs, no bangs? ahh decisions! haha

even though t-swift looks fab with straight hair and bangs, i think she looks best in her curly hair with soft make-up. LOVE that soft, pink lip color - she needs to wear this look more often! i'm getting tired of her red lips ALL the time! haha

good night! xoxo :)

March 16, 2012

what to do after a long week?

go shopping! haha..and then sleep..and then hang out with friends! that's my plan for the weekend :) i've done 1 out of 3 so far, and i must say my weekend is off to a good start ;)

i really only went to the mall to buy something green to wear tomorrow for st. patty's day and this is what i came back with...some make-up, sunglasses, perfume, and clothes!

i've been lusting after these prada baroque sunglasses for a while now and i finally bought them today! and i got the last pair at the store! hahaha, the sales girls were so happy for me :) and i've been meaning to try a jo malone fragrance...i, of course, was drawn to red roses

and i bought nars velvet matte lip color in "sex machine". i layered it with the velvet matte in roman holiday and topped it off with some clear bobbi brown gloss...perfect, pretty-pinky neutral!

and my polish reminds me of miu miu shoes! pink and glitter XO

happy friday night!! hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend :)

love and hugs :)

pretty shoes

this has been a rough week...and it ain't over yet! but little things like mani/pedis, new shoes, and a raise make it a little better :) today was another client meeting where we enjoyed a little R&R amidst our busy schedules. AND i just got my new shoes! funny thing is (well not so funny) my shoes arrived super fast and early in time for sales conference, but we found out our global sales conference has been cancelled. oh well...i'll just have to enjoy these shoes in california :)

ps. i am LOVING my iphone. there are so many fun photo apps :) i cannot stop playing around with the phone. so glad i joined the rest of the world and bought a new phone!

hope you're having a wonderful week! yay for it almost being end of workday friday! :) 

good night, world! XO

March 14, 2012

pinterest love!

yup, people were right. once you start pinning, you can't stop! it's SO addicting. i should have gone to sleep hours ago but no, instead i've been pinning away! so i can sleep!

have you started pinning? are you as obsessed as i am!? XO!

have an awesome night! sweet dreams :)

March 13, 2012

iphone 4s equals LOVE!

yup, that's right...i've finally joined the rest of the world and got my iphone 4s today :) i've had my 3G not 3GS but only 3G..(yeah that's the original iphone) for 3 years now...since i interviewed for a mobile position, i thought it was finally time to get an updated smartphone ;) and i am looooooooooovin' it!

not so great shot of the case's juicy couture...better pic below..found on the interweb ;)

not my fav choice, but this was the best one i could find at the apple store. i'll be on the hunt for a case that i l-o-v-e love! any suggestions?

and i love getting my free people catalogs :)  some snapshots i took w/ my new phone!

 i adore all the flowers! <3

sweet dreams! XO :)

March 11, 2012

ready for spring!

so, today was all about resting and prepping for a new job interview on monday :) a little stressed out but i trust in God and know my future is in His hands! oh life is such an adventure :)

for a little de-stressing, i did some online shopping, haha ;) i cannot wait until these babies arrive! i couldn't help myself...i'm in LOVE with these pretty pink bows! not only are these shoes soo fab but will serve as practical shoes for when i'm in florida at the end of march (going to FL for a work sales conference...ughh, not excited for the conference but excited to visit florida as i've never been!)

you can purchase these here !

you can purchase these here !

i'm soooooo ready for spring :) warm weather hurry up and get here!

hope you're doing well :) goodnight! xoxo

March 5, 2012

current faves...3.5.12

sunshine on my bare legs...can't wait for spring...ready for chilly weather to go away

mac's her blooming cheek blush...THE perfect pink for my cheeks...makes my cheeks soo glowy. i'm very upset this is a limited edition :(

murder she wrote marathons...yes, i'm a 78 yr old lady stuck inside a 28 yr old's body

my new betsey johnson karie pollys :)

sf treasure island flea market. just a few of the pieces i picked up :)

so tired...hope you have a goodnight! :)
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