February 21, 2012

spontaneous road trips...half moon bay

a lazy day that started off with a late brunch turned into a spontaneous mini road trip (thank you Lord for such beautiful weather and the president's day holiday!). well, i can't really call this a road trip as i only live about 30 min away but the spontaneity of the outing definitely made it feel like a mini trip :) my friends and i decided to drive to half moon bay as i was desperately wanting to see the ocean :) so, off we went! and what a fun and beautiful trip it was :) below is a list of photos taken today...the day that was supposed to be filled with chores, errands, and catching up with work was actually filled with lots of food, friends, and the beautiful sunshine & ocean :)

 the yummy brunch! the chef created a mickey mouse pancake for me :) hahaha

i'm also loving and currently wearing cover girl's lip perfection in divine. i wear it lightly on my lips and it gives a pretty pink look :)

hope you had a lovely weekend! even if you didn't get everything done on your to-do list (i definitely did not..oops), i hope you were able to take advantage of the extra day off :) have a blessed night! XO

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