February 5, 2012

fun weekends :)

hope everyone had a relaxing and happy weekend :) mine was of course not as relaxing as i hoped for but it was definitely fun! still setting things up in my new apartment which is both fun and a bit tiring ;)

my most recent additions :) finally got my tv stand built and tv set up!! yay...watched downton abbey (of course) tonight! i have friend envy over my tv ;) guys are drooling over the functions of this lg led 47"...i can watch my fav youtube make-up vids ON my tv...craziness i tell ya! if you're in the market for a new tv, definitely check out costco...this is where i got mine for a pretty good deal.

this was a big weekend in america with the superbowl taking place today. my fav part about the superbowl? the good food, friends, and half time show we get to watch during the game...and i was too busy inhaling my friend's famous home-made buffalo wings that i forgot to take pics! but they were delish, i tell ya!

and i'm currently loving my...


my straw hat with white flowers from forever 21 :) downton abbey inspired!

nars velvette matte lip pencils (roman holiday mixed with damned)

better photo of the actual colors...love this mix :)

here's to a new week :) hope you have a great & blessed monday! 



  1. Ok...I LOVE LOVE that hat on you! I don't think I could pull it off..but you do it beautifully!



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