February 23, 2012

God is Joy :)

just a little reminder of how great our Lord is :)

may you be blessed! XO

*****UPDATE!!!**** 2/23/12
just found out my friend (who has been struggling with infertility) is expecting her first child!! i'm SO happy for her and her husband! can't wait to meet their little bundle of love!! yay for the most beautiful blessings in life :) God is SO good!

February 21, 2012

spontaneous road trips...half moon bay

a lazy day that started off with a late brunch turned into a spontaneous mini road trip (thank you Lord for such beautiful weather and the president's day holiday!). well, i can't really call this a road trip as i only live about 30 min away but the spontaneity of the outing definitely made it feel like a mini trip :) my friends and i decided to drive to half moon bay as i was desperately wanting to see the ocean :) so, off we went! and what a fun and beautiful trip it was :) below is a list of photos taken today...the day that was supposed to be filled with chores, errands, and catching up with work was actually filled with lots of food, friends, and the beautiful sunshine & ocean :)

 the yummy brunch! the chef created a mickey mouse pancake for me :) hahaha

i'm also loving and currently wearing cover girl's lip perfection in divine. i wear it lightly on my lips and it gives a pretty pink look :)

hope you had a lovely weekend! even if you didn't get everything done on your to-do list (i definitely did not..oops), i hope you were able to take advantage of the extra day off :) have a blessed night! XO

February 18, 2012

farmer's markets

i love lazy saturday mornings spent at farmer's markets or flea markets :) this morning i stopped by a farmer's market right next to where i live. the downtown was filled with yummy smelling food (i bought 2 delish crepes, thank you very much!), organic fruits & veggies, and tons of pretty flowers and plants! i couldn't help myself..i bought a bouquet of antique pink roses and magenta pink carnations :) my absolute fav flowers :)

and while i was at the market, i explored downtown as well :) purchased a book about downton abbey at the local book shop and a couple vases for my flowers at the goodwill thrift store! the book has some beautiful, glossy images from the series. it's absolutely gorgeous! and now i'm off to tj maxx homegoods to buy some more apt stuff :)

next weekend i'm off to the SF treasure island flea market! soo excited! there will be food, drinks, and of course lots of little treasures to bring back home :)

recently decorated my lamp with these pretty, vintage, pink roses i bought from ebay :) yes, can't you tell i love roses :)

hope you are having a wonderful, beautiful, and happy saturday :) XO

February 16, 2012

flower crowns are making a come back!

um..yes, please! we already knew they were in style but here's an article i just stumbled across from glamour.com :)

they're so easy and fun to make and even easier to purchase from some very talented gals on etsy.com! XO

February 6, 2012

good mondays...

these are rare :) mondays can be a tough one...especially when i have to commute over an hour to san francisco every mon morning for meetings (and today especially early for a 9am mtg!)...work was manageable today and it ended with face time with one of my clients. nothing like sipping on champagne and eating fried cheese balls (yeah, i know super healthy haha) while getting our nails and toes done :)

new fav color...essie's berry hard :)


my new fav blog...nyc pretty. such a fun blog! lovely photos <3

this caught my eye on the web :) such pretty chanel at renttherunway.com

hope you all had a happy monday! :)


February 5, 2012

fun weekends :)

hope everyone had a relaxing and happy weekend :) mine was of course not as relaxing as i hoped for but it was definitely fun! still setting things up in my new apartment which is both fun and a bit tiring ;)

my most recent additions :) finally got my tv stand built and tv set up!! yay...watched downton abbey (of course) tonight! i have friend envy over my tv ;) guys are drooling over the functions of this lg led 47"...i can watch my fav youtube make-up vids ON my tv...craziness i tell ya! if you're in the market for a new tv, definitely check out costco...this is where i got mine for a pretty good deal.

this was a big weekend in america with the superbowl taking place today. my fav part about the superbowl? the good food, friends, and half time show we get to watch during the game...and i was too busy inhaling my friend's famous home-made buffalo wings that i forgot to take pics! but they were delish, i tell ya!

and i'm currently loving my...


my straw hat with white flowers from forever 21 :) downton abbey inspired!

nars velvette matte lip pencils (roman holiday mixed with damned)

better photo of the actual colors...love this mix :)

here's to a new week :) hope you have a great & blessed monday! 


February 2, 2012

it's the little things in life...

pretty betsey johnson dress!
vintage chanel :)

hope you're having a wonderful week! yay it's almost the weekend!!
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