January 28, 2012

what a week!

slowly moving into my apartment! some photos of the things set up...still have several more pieces of furniture to build.

note to self: never ever buy furniture from ikea. it is a pain the you know what to build!

 love my  new bed frame from ikea! i feel like a princess in it :) with shabby chic moni ami sheets and belle hydrangea duvet cover :)

pink roses in the bathroom :) my guy friends call it "old lady" decorations but i don't care! 

of course i had to get shabby chic shower curtains and shower hooks :)

i was bad this week...or good depending on how you see it ;) purchased a vintage pale pink chanel purse! pictures to come soon! soooo excited :) and last week i ended up choosing roman holiday rather than sex machine in the nars velvet matte lip pencils...but since i'm addicted to these pencils, i forsee myself purchasing the sex machine color very, very soon!

hope you have a wonderful weekend! love and hugs and lots of pink roses to you! :)


  1. Your bed frame is so pretty, want one like that!

    1. thanks! :) i feel like such a princess on it haha..def should get it at ikea :)


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