January 3, 2012

on the hunt for the perfect deep berry lipstick...

hope everyone had a fab and sparkley new year's! mine was a little low key this year at a friend's place. the past 2 new year's eves have been low key, in part to getting sick RIGHT at christmas time and the cold/flu/ bronchitis lingering until new years. the years before i rang in the new year in some fun cities...boston and sf. i think this coming new year's eve will need to be in nyc (best friend just moved there this past summer!!) must.visit.soon.

anyway, onto the real reason for this post - i arrived home from work today to find these beauties at my front door! i don't usually purchase make-up online, but i just didn't want to venture out to the mall after christmas and deal with all the craziness, so online it was! in my previous post i had stated i wanted nars shanghai express (and i still do) but i kept being drawn to scarlett empress. and whenever i purchase things online, i feel weird if i only buy 1 thing...like i'm wasting packaging and shipping fees for just 1 item, so, of course i have to purchase a couple other things (yeah, i'm a little weird like that!).

initial impression? scared. i looked at the BROWN color in the tube and was fairly frightened. i didn't want brown lips...i wanted berry lips! BUT once i applied to my lips (with a good layer of chapstick on my lips), the color turned out to be very berry like and very SHEER. now, i'm not sure if this is in result of my chapstick (although i'm sure it partly is) but this color is a lot less intense than i thought it would be. i like it but i'm not in love with it. it's so sheer i can see this as an everyday lip color for the office. i'm still on the hunt for the perfect deep berry - rachel zoe lip color. i know rachel zoe has her own line of lipstick out but i'm still on the fence about the colors. i may end up purchasing her berry colored one...

also, i have fairly pigmented lips...i think for girls with very light or pink lips, this color would be a fantastic deep berry red! on me though it tends to just emphasize my natural lip color.

top: nars velvet matte lip pencil in cruella
bottom: nars lipstick in scarlett empress

 also got the blush in exhibit a! sooo excited to wear this tomorrow. it's an intense orange-red, and i read reviews that when applied correctly onto olive skin tones, the flush it creates is sooo natural!! just like the pinky-red flush children get :) how divine does that sound?? nars blushes have never failed me...well except orgasm..it just does not look fab on my cheeks :( they look gorg on my sister's though and create a very beautiful and natural look for her! i guess it all just depends on your skin tone!

hope you have a fabulous night! :)


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