January 21, 2012


i've been thinking a lot about happiness these past few weeks. i've been in a new role at work for about 4 months and it has really been difficult and challenging, to say the least. everyone says give a new job 6 months, and i've been struggling to do just that. the opportunities and doors this job creates excites me, however, i feel as if all the problems i face in this position just outweigh the good. i feel i'm at a crossroads, and something has to change and change fast. i wish we didn't define ourselves by our position or title at work. yes, i do this all the time and i wish i didn't. i take a lot of pride in the company i work for, the responsibilities & duties i'm tasked with, and pride even in my job title...but during times like this i have to remind myself my job does not define me...God does. i have a wonderful family, amazing friends, and am blessed beyond belief...yet i've been struggling with happiness these past few months due to the stress of this new job. this is no bueno...

thank GOD for fridays and weekends :) and i'm even in the position that i've almost capped out my vacation time so i am being forced to take a week off from work. yay for time off from work! i'm going to be using that time to move into my new apartment, check emails & catch up on work (yes, i'll still be working on my vacay), take time to rest/recharge & spend some time with God, truly reflect on my happiness, and post a few blog posts - hopefully of my new apartment :)

when i'm feeling stressed, i also recharge by looking at beautiful and inspiring images. i'm very much a visual person. WOW have i rambled on in this post! haha...that is another stress reliever for me :)



 hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and blessed weekend! xo


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