January 8, 2012

downton abbey...

the edwardian era and the roaring 1920s fascinate me. my absolute favorite era are the georgian and victorian eras, but immediately after that i am in awe of the beginning of the 20th century, going through the 1920s. what mesmerizes me about this time? the most obvious being the fashion during this time...i love the large hats decked with flowers, the gorgeous hairstyles, the pearls, and the jewels. but what fascinates me even more is the rapid transition these people faced...times were changing, and they were changing fast...the telephone?? a commoner marrying someone with a title? women's rights?? year old traditions being challenged? servants deaming of a life of more than servitude?? an all consuming world war, affecting the rich and poor?? and motors transporting people rather than carriages??

my fascination was fueled by the new period drama from across the pond called downton abbey. if you can't already tell, i L-O-V-E, love, love period dramas...and downton abbey fits the bill! series 2 just started up in the US on PBS' masterpiece and i'm sooo excited!!! :) just finished watching the first episode of series 2 tonight :) LOVE IT!

oh lady mary and matthew crawley...sigh :)

read this amazing article about downton abbey on vogue.com here :)

hope everyone has a blessed week!! :) XO 


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