December 21, 2012

vacation has officially begun :)

officially off work for the rest of the year as of 7:30pm PT today :) !!!

ate dinner, ready for a shower, and then off to my deliciously comfy bed! yup, vacation is off to an exciting start ;)

things that are currently making me smile :)



December 13, 2012

sweet reminders

sweet, sweet reminders for crazy busy, anxiety, and stress filled days...XO!

December 8, 2012

birthday snapshots :)

had a wonderful birthday :) took the day off from work, slept in, went to the beach and enjoyed lots of sunshine and butterflies...even got a sapphire necklace with diamonds! the necklace setting looks so similar to princess kate's wedding ring :)

hope you're doing well! Q4 is crazy busy as usual...the only thing keeping me going is my upcoming trip to thailand/ vietnam...17 more days!

November 27, 2012

my little brother :)

so happy i got to facetime with my brother :) :) :)

love you!!!! XO


November 25, 2012

my favorite time of the year :)

yeah, i'm definitely a water baby and am an island girl at heart but christmastime is my favorite (i was, of course, born in december!) :)

my tiny 4 ft christmas tree :) the christmas decorations are slowly coming together! hope you're enjoying the season...i love everything about this time of year...the smell of fireplace in the air, as well as the smell of cinnamon & spices, being near family & loved ones, and the possibility that anything can happen a la love actually :) xo

November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving 2012!

soooo truly grateful for my family, friends, our armed forces fighting for our safety everyday, and rose-scented candles :) oh, and of course Jesus! hope you have a blessed and delicious thanksgiving! can't wait to eat way too much tomorrow :)

my absolute favorite candle scent! can't believe they're discontinuing this scent...gotta stock up now!

grateful for these two <3 and miss them dearly! so proud of my little brother; praying he and all soldiers stay safe and warm in afghanistan. thinking of you little brother during this thanksgiving holiday, i appreciate you! xo

hope your thanksgiving holiday is filled with loved ones and that your tummy's are filled with lots of deliciousness :)


November 18, 2012

roses, candles, and wild ginger

some of my favorite things from this past weekend :)

costco roses :)

sunshine :) lots of rain was forecasted for the weekend but we had tons of unexpected sunshine!

my new mercury glass votive candle pretty!!

i cannot stop wearing tom ford's wild ginger lipstick. it's my fav!!!

my new indian sari-made throw from west elm :) such pretty patterns <3

AND who else is excited for thanksgiving this week!?! can't wait for all the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, and so much more!!!! of course the day after thanksgiving means....christmastime! this is my favorite time of year :) hope you had a warm & cozy weekend, xoxo

November 11, 2012

happy weekend

SO grateful to the Lord for weekends :)

tonight felt like a rosey lips and coral cheeks night :) excuse the frizzy hair ;) i'm wearing covergirl lipstick in divine and nars blush in exhibit a

it's getting so cold here, so brought the uggs out today :) and watched wreck-it ralph...seriously such a good movie! i liked it better than the new james bond movie, skyfall.

hope you're having a wonderful weekend! have a blessed sunday :) XO

November 6, 2012

summer in november

i feel a bit guilty that us californians have been experiencing unusually warm weather while the east coast has been recovering from a horrible hurricane :( i am thankful that my sister in boston and my cousin in long island survived sandy and are doing well! in any case, i hope everyone enjoyed the weekend :)

finally purchased my fav disney movie :) had to grab it while it was being re-released...diamond edition! oh, cinderella...

SO excited for my new book purchases. i've already begun "the happiness project", so excited to start my own! first...sleep early, second...organize my closet, third...exercise...working towards these in baby steps :)

hope you had a lovely weekend! xo


October 27, 2012

little pick me ups

i knew this week was going to be crazy busy, and crazy is an understatement. so, over the weekend, before the start of the hectic work week, i picked up some blush and lipstick :) yeah, not sure how that logic works, but it made sense to me ;) been dying to try tom ford's wild ginger. seems like orange-red is such a wearable color per bloggers ;)

i think i have every nars blush that i want..for now :) this is nars outlaw...i think it's the longest wearing nars blush for me yet!

here i'm wearing outlaw blush and my new lipstick...seriously the BEST lip color. i was a bit horrified when i saw the color in the!? i don't look good in orange at all, but on your lips this transforms into this rosey-reddish, with a tinge of orange pretty! it brightens your face :) and don't get me started on the smooth..not too dry, not too slippery, and lasts like a matte lipstick on my lips! tom ford's wild ginger..inspired by laura's post.

enjoyed a beautiful walk with my mom in my parents' neighborhood before the craziness of this past week xo!

AND just booked my tickets to here :)

koh samui island, thailand

and here :)

halong bay, vietnam
yup, just bought my tickets to thailand and vietnam! i'll be traveling with a couple friends at the end of this year and celebrating the new year in koh samui :) cannot wait! we'll fly into bangkok and stay for a few days, then travel to koh samui for some relaxation and moon parties, and then onto vietnam (hanoi, halong bay, and nha trang)! it's been approximately 7 years since i've traveled abroad (i don't count canada since it's still north america) and i've been itching to travel ever since i returned from europe. any recommendations for either thailand or vietnam? :) every time i get stressed, i just need to remind myself of this vacation haha. ahhh, need to get a tan and buy some new bathing suits!

hope you have a wonderful weekend! i'll be dreaming of the sun, water, and sweet island breezes :) XO

October 20, 2012

snapshots: end of summer, start of autumn is it already almost end of october!? where did this month go? it's been a busy 3 weeks filled with lots of family time and work (what else?) haha. below are some photos of my life in the past few weeks...goodbye summer, hello fall! xo

wearing leopard print loafers to pick up my little brother from the airport :) this was the start of our heat wave the last week of september.

this just got real :( prayers for my brother and his company...blessings to all soldiers who fight for our freedom & safety.

family trip to monterey :)

adorable parents :)

hike with my brother and momma

yay sister has arrived from boston! family is complete :)

 a day at the beach...california coast

horse back riding with the fam near my parents' house <3 such a fun & beautiful

my second delicious voluspa candle bought on a whim after work. the perks (and dangers) of working in downtown palo alto...immediate access to shopping!

my harvest & autumn decorations :)

ahhh, the last remnants of summer at my parents' house. warm, beautiful, sunny weather.

people say california misses out on the beautiful changing leaves of autumn but i'd have to disagree. my parents' house and neighborhood is lined with trees and beautifully changing colors of orange, red, and yellow! hello autumn!

SO happy the weekend is here. i think a trip to sephora is needed :) will keep you posted on any new make-up purchases...hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter, and make-up ;)

September 20, 2012

looooong days

after a trying and challenging, and not to mention loooong 12 hour work's so encouraging to read these words :)

just for fun ;)

i this! i needed both these reminders at work today ;) 

my 4 day weekend is fast approaching! i've taken a few days off to play with my little brother who will be visiting from kentucky (i just need to get through friday). my sister is arriving from boston in a few weeks and we'll be a big happy family once again...for a few days, at least :) i can't remember the last time all of us were together as a family (i think it's been about 2 yrs)! can't wait! xo

ps. my new fav blush right now is bobbi brown's sand pink...i love it more than pale pink! i love looking at bright, pink blushes (goodness knows i have way too many) but the ones that look best on my skin are actually the colors that look quite boring in the pan (nars dolce vita & bobbi brown sand pink)...go figure haha!

was so excited to wear my new target flats today :)

hope you have a very happy friday! XO

September 17, 2012

kate middleton, bobbi brown cosmetics, and more

i chalk it up to all the glorious photos of kate and william i've been seeing from their current south east asia trip...i had to know what make-up kate was wearing and immediately run out and buy it. i googled all over and the same products came up...the same products she used on her wedding day. so, i couldn't hold back any more and bought more blush :) and of course i couldn't just buy the bobbie brown pale pink powder blush, but i, of course, had to purchase the sand pink color pippa wore as well on kate's wedding day ;)

so gorgeous! kate and william are such a radiant couple!

me wearing pale pink :)

a stop over to target as i saw these babies on sale :) less than $20...can't get better than that!

my bobbi brown pale pink & sand pink blush and nars lip gloss in angelika. this gloss has returned my love of glosses...i was on the longest lipstick/ matte lip look but this gloss is so pretty!

my yummy smelling candle from anthropologie :)

hope you had a blessed monday! Xo :)

September 13, 2012

shopping my make-up bag!

i feel that i've been neglecting my other blushes since i've been obsessed with my nars' blushes. so over the weekend i decided to wear my bobbi brown blush in apricot...i loooooove just looking at this is the prettiest pink/ coral and it makes me so happy!

i don't really wear highlighters any more since my face became very oily, so there was no need for highlighter haha. however, i decided to pair my bobbi brown blush with lorac's luminizing powder in spotlight...and it gave my cheeks the prettiest, pink glow :) i used mac's 109 brush to apply both. i'm also wearing my absolute favorite (seriously, so obsessed) revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain in lovesick. i LOVE the lip color and it feels so nice on the lips. the best part? when the color starts wearing off the lips, it wears off so evenly and leaves the prettiest stain. i've been looking for a stain like this for years! it's my HG for lip least in the lovesick color :)

just a quick make-up post today :) have you found some old products that have been gathering dust in your drawer? have you re-discovered any new loves from your make-up stash? XO
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