November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving :)

hope everyone has an amazingly beautiful and blessed thanksgiving!

i have so many things and people to be thankful for this year!! :) i'm currently grateful that i'm able to leave work a wee bit early and go celebrate with my friends tonight with some mexican food...carne asada fries to be exact!!! i haven't had that since i went to college down in san diego! for some reason, it's just not that popular up in the SF bay area :(

anyway, how cute is the little baby costume below? a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

 happy thanksgiving to all! may it be blessed with lots of love and gratitude!
and with lots of yummy food ;)

November 20, 2011

excited for my birthday!

yay! it's almost my birthday and i'm actually really excited :) celebrating my birthday has never truly been an exciting time for me...mainly b/c my birthday always fell right before finals as a kid/student. then when i graduated college and started working, i thought i had made it through the "woods" and could finally enjoy my birthday...but then i started working in finance...and for those of you who work in finance you know what i mean when i say "month end revenue close"- you ain't going anywhere, anytime soon that first week of the month, haha. i also met a boy soon after i graduated college, and suffice to say we had our crazy-rollercoaster-4 yr-on/off-relationship, which was spent most times than not fighting around my yeah...let's just say i'm super excited for this year's celebration :)

i'm going to visit my sister in boston!! i can't wait to see boston in all its christmas glory :D the past 8 years that i've been visiting my sister in boston, i've never made my way there during christmas time. AND now since i don't work in finance, i can take a few days off for my birthday to celebrate!!! i've been so obsessed with picking out my birthday outfit...yes, i was up until 6:30 am making online purchases last night/ this morning hahaha...i can't help it! i've got a couple of bday dress outfits picked out/ ordered...1) pink, fluffy, cupcake, princess-y betsey johnson dress :) or 2) magenta/ fuchsia bandage dress from, i think i'm going to wear the fluffy betsey dress...i can't help but wanting to feel like a princess for my birthday :)

pretty little betsey dresses i'll be bringing with me to boston :) and of course i'll be wearing my warm down parka over these! boston winters can be brutal!

(image from pixel and hank
bought these cute pink, glitter bow shoe clips from etsy!!! cannot wait to pair them with my olsenboye glitter heels! have i told you how much i love ETSY??? haha love shopping on this site and buying from some of the most creative and talented people out there!

 whole outfit paired with this tiara? ;) haha i'm such a dork!

soooo excited for the upcoming thanksgiving break! can't wait to read elizabeth gaskell's novels during thanksgiving and my mini birthday vacay!! also, after watching alex from HRH collection, i couldn't help but pick up a planner..and for me it had to be hot pink! i've always been a list maker and just used scraps of paper, but now, i'm attempting to be a little more grown up and use a day planner :) and this planner of course doesn't replace my work blackberry outlook calendar...i live by that calendar! 

...and lastly, fake lashes. i love the look of falsies but am too lazy to apply them. saw these in the beauty supply store (with the animal print make-up bag which i'm loving next to the hot pink btw) and grabbed them up! i've honestly only worn fake lashes 2 times in my life (college graduation and one halloween). i think these will be fun for my birthday night out :)

hope you had a relaxing weekend :) for those of you in the US...yay for a short week!
can't wait for thanksgiving :)


November 13, 2011

sleep, make-up, and shoes

i slept 12 hours last night and it was glorious. i woke up feeling refreshed, alive, and healthier. that's what a good night's rest can do for you. work's been crazy busy (i even headed back into the office on a sat afternoon to get some stuff done) and honestly, i don't see it calming down until maybe jan? ok enough work talk, let's talk about some make-up and shoes :)

last weekend, i was on the hunt for 2 cute outfits for work b/c 2 execs from our nyc office were coming into town for meetings with our advertising sales group, so we had to dress our best and look sharp. and well, really, just another reason for me to go shopping ;) i had chosen some outfits and then realized i needed some shoes. the below is a compilation from DSW, nordstrom rack, and ebay. love love love my boots!

 left to right: cole haan booties, madden girl boots, ralph lauren riding boots

these are pour la victoire flats i've been wanting for so long. i belive these are from last year's collection that i got from ebay :)

and then this weekend (after a tough week of work) i was in the mood to treat myself :) ok before i dive right into the make-up, let me tell you about alex from HRH collection. i've been following her blog now for about a month or so and looking at it casually. then for some reason thursday night i started watching some of her youtube videos and by friday night i was hooked! she is such a sweet, gorgeous, and fun girl who is super creative! i love her jewelry and cannot wait to purchase some necklaces, rings, and bracelets! i've never really been into her style (boyfriend blazers and such) but she is soo pretty and makes the outfits work! i'm very inspired by her style :) and, while watching her videos, she consistently mentioned her fav lipstick - chanel's rouge coco in gabrielle (a pretty red color). sooo, that lipstick immediately was put on my list of things to get. and below is what i ended up purchasing at my local chanel make-up counter. i only wanted 1 lipstick and what did i come back with? 2 lipsticks, 1 gloss, 1 powder, and 1 perfume. yup, this is how my shopping usually goes..haha.

 left to right: rouge coco in gabrielle, rouge allure in lover :)
my friend has this gloss and it's so pretty! this is my new everyday lip color for work :) 
the color is rose pearl

i've always loved lip gloss and lipstick but leaned more towards glosses in college and my early twenties. now i'm discovering and truly appreciating lipsticks. i feel more refined and put together with lipstick :) whenever i apply lipstick i feel like i'm back in the late 1800s or early 1900s...yea i'm crazy like that ;) now don't get me wrong, i still love a good gloss as well!

ok, completely random, but i've been so obsessed with these cheese puffs! i bought them at a whole foods while i was in omaha a few months ago and cannot stop eating these! they're SO good!

and on a final note, i've been lusting after these prada shades. i'm not a huge sunglass type of girl, but i LOVE these and want them so badly!

hope you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend! here's to a great new week :)

good night! xo

November 6, 2011

current favs...and ramblings :)

some random current favs...fall edition :)

  • nyx powder blush in desert rose (yes, this is giving nars dolce vita a run for its money!)

  • my fake engagement ring i picked up at the flea market (need this to ward off the pesky boys - haha)

  • $10 100% cashmere pashminas...lilac and black (another fav find from the flea market :))

  • rose scented candles

  • sleep...and more sleep (have not been getting enough of this lately)

  • ysl rouge pur lipstick in no.7

  • obsessing over dashing men from the classics (i.e. mr. thornton from north & south...sigh)

  • the upcoming holiday season :) christmas is hands down my favorite may partly be b/c my birthday is in december (and jesus' birthday is in december too!) but i just love all the decorations, the memories from past christmases, the food, the family gatherings, the gift giving, the children, the hot cocoa...i love it all so much!
sis and i sans eve 2005 :)
  •  my cozy knit top from urban outfitters (sparkle + fade)...perfect for this cold weather! love it so much i'm going to have to purchase the dark navy one as well :)

so, yesterday i met up with some girlfriends to check out this flea market that is set up once a month. i've heard of how amazing it is and HAD to check it out. the hard part is that it's only scheduled for the 1st saturday of every month (i've been out of town the last 2 times the flea market was here so wasn't able to make it until yesterday). also, my friends start shopping at 7am. yes, you heard that right...they get to the flea market at 7am on a saturday! for me, that is unheard of...7am is the middle of the night for me on a saturday... haha...but flea markets have a special place in my heart so i made the exception ;) and i'm glad i did!

with a starbucks gingerbread latte in hand, i was officially ready to shop. i was initially overwhelmed b/c there were so many booths and vendors...didn't even know where to begin. thankfully my friends are veterans of this flea market and navigated through the maze of vendors with ease...we checked out the shabby chic booth, make-up booth, vintage clothing booth, and sooo much more! i was so excited about the deals i got on the stuff below, i immediately called my sister and b/c of my sheer excitement, my sister thought i was drunk! haha nope, just high off on getting some awesome deals :) my friends bought some adorable anthropologie style aprons, glass decanters, and lots of little treasures!

one thing i learned from yesterday's experience - bring more cash! haha...i would have bought so much more but i just didn't bring enough cash (which was also probably a good thing too). anyway, this was such a cool flea market that i had to give it a special shout out. it was a great way to spend a saturday morning :)

ps. california weather is so crazy. just last weekend (halloween weekend) was the most gorgeous, warm,  indian summer type of was amazing. and now a week later we're in winter weather mode :( time to bust out all the coats, boots, and scarves!
gorgeous weather halloween weekend...the view from my hotel room :)

this is going to be a crazy busy/ even more crazy stressful than usual week at work. i hope i survive. hope you have a lovely week and it's not as stressful as mine! XO
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