October 18, 2011

catch up

seriously, how is it already mid october!? i blinked and october is almost over...and autumn has now become one of my favorite seasons by the way :) also, the main reason for my absence is my new job (and due to family & friends). oh by the way did i tell you i started a new job :) so blessed and grateful to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity...which is seriously kicking my butt right now, i might add. but it's ok, that's kinda normal when you first start a new job, right? :) anyway, instead of typing up a bunch of stuff, i thought i'd just show a few photos of my life in the past few weeks!

pretty omaha
flowers after brunch :)
LOVE these two!
more flowers after brunch :) fall in cali is still beautiful
LOVE him to pieces! and so proud of him :)
my fav :)
love my lulu.com dress and the fact my sis is an amazing photographer ;)

love love love her!

cheesy sister photo...we had to do it ;)
loved my "cowgirl" themed outfit for a friend's cowboy themed party :)

my flower crowns arrived! even the packaging was cute :)

one of my gorge flower crowns!

can't wait to make my own flower crowns with these! inspired by wunderlust and seychelles :)
encouraging sermons from church :) beautiful reminders of why we are here

hope you enjoyed the photos and are enjoying beautiful autumn weather wherever you are :) 
have a lovely night!! 

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