October 25, 2011

a reminder of true beauty

just love her blog! and love this post :) a great reminder of what beauty truly is and where it comes from...

tonight i was feeling a bit low...i made the mistake of looking up my ex-bf and his new gf on fb...and well, we all know what that leads to and of course, no good comes of it. i felt myself comparing who i am to this new girl and thinking why couldn't my ex-bf have loved me as much as he loves her? why couldn't he have been more honest with me, and treated me better? why didn't our relationship last? is it b/c she is more beautiful than i am? i was seeking answers to stupid questions :) i know in my heart that our relationship would never have worked out...no matter how much i wished or willed it...no matter how much we both said we cared for each other..b/c God's hand was working in all of it.

these feelings made me feel, how do i put it? a bit ugly...but then i was reminded of the Lord's love and how beautiful it is to know the Lord and His precious love. i still have my struggles about my ex-bf but know that we are both now in better places in our lives :) i still pray for him and his happiness, and pray that the Lord is blessing his life. it's so easy to hold on to those ugly, nasty feelings, thoughts and memories...but the Lord wants us to let go...to let go of these burdens and give them to Him. we all have little (or big) bumps in the road, but it's so comforting to know the Lord is always there by our side. i wish my ex and his new gf all the best :) (yes, yes i know it sounds super cheesy and corny but it's a genuine feeling and hope that i have for them).

ok on a side note, i found THE perfect fuchsia lipstick!! and pink pants this weekend :) 

YSL rouge pur number7
um, seriously. the search is over. i have found the perfect bright magenta lipstick. i'm crazy over the pigmentation and texture and even the after effects of this lipstick (even after most of the color has worn off, it leaves a pretty pink stain - seriously no joke). plus it has spf 15. i have pigmented lips, so colors always change on my lips...but not this one. i'm in love and will probably wear this lipstick everyday :) no foreals, i will (even to work)!

AE pink jeggings
sooo, i've always made fun of jeggings (jeans + leggings) but when i saw this hot pink color i HAD to have it. tried it on and it fit like a glove and c'mon..this color, couldn't pass this by! wearing this to work tomorrow :)

hope you have lovely night filled with beautiful dreams! xoxo

October 23, 2011

truly blessed.

" ...Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
All together worthy,
All together wonderful to me

I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
I'll never know how much it cost

Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
All together worthy,
All together wonderful to me..."

~Here I am to Worship by Tim Hughes 

gratitude leads to joy :)

we are having a beautiful indian summer here in california. i hope you're having a blessed and gorgeous sunday wherever you are! 

October 21, 2011

soooooooooo excited!

OMG...i really should be working right now (since i don't want to stay until midnite at work on a friday - haha) but i just happened to check my facebook and what did i see???

 rachel ashwell is teaming up with QVC! ahhhhhhh SO excited! look at what rachel posted on her fb today :)

 ughh...seriously sooooo excited!! :) hope you're having a fantastic friday and enjoy the weekend :)

October 18, 2011

catch up

seriously, how is it already mid october!? i blinked and october is almost over...and autumn has now become one of my favorite seasons by the way :) also, the main reason for my absence is my new job (and due to family & friends). oh by the way did i tell you i started a new job :) so blessed and grateful to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity...which is seriously kicking my butt right now, i might add. but it's ok, that's kinda normal when you first start a new job, right? :) anyway, instead of typing up a bunch of stuff, i thought i'd just show a few photos of my life in the past few weeks!

pretty omaha
flowers after brunch :)
LOVE these two!
more flowers after brunch :) fall in cali is still beautiful
LOVE him to pieces! and so proud of him :)
my fav :)
love my lulu.com dress and the fact my sis is an amazing photographer ;)

love love love her!

cheesy sister photo...we had to do it ;)
loved my "cowgirl" themed outfit for a friend's cowboy themed party :)

my flower crowns arrived! even the packaging was cute :)

one of my gorge flower crowns!

can't wait to make my own flower crowns with these! inspired by wunderlust and seychelles :)
encouraging sermons from church :) beautiful reminders of why we are here

hope you enjoyed the photos and are enjoying beautiful autumn weather wherever you are :) 
have a lovely night!! 

October 2, 2011


is just around the corner! and i finally decided what i'm going as...i'm going as alice from alice in wonderland :) this was completely inspired by karin from rouge pony :) oh and on a side note, i just ordered a couple of her beautiful flower crowns from etsy and can't wait for them to arrive! so excited :) anyway, i just ordered my costume online and can't wait! i typically don't really celebrate halloween (there's only been a handful of halloweens i've actually dressed up for) and i usually wait last min to find an outfit too..so getting a costume ready about a month early is a new one for me ;) this year i'm going to a friend's birthday/ halloween party on a yacht so i'm soo excited :)

so excited! i debated on so many different types of alice costumes before i settled on this one :)

adding this light pink pettiskirt under the alice dress. had to put a pink twist to alice :)

and wearing this light pink handmade bow in my hair! (purchased from etsy.com/shop/swankness)

these cute AND affordable mary janes from target :)

will you be dressing up for halloween?

hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend! :) i spent waaaaaaaaaay too much $$$ this weekend. had nothing to do in omaha so i went shopping all saturday afternoon. not complaining about my purchases but i probably should lay off on the shopping for a bit ;) it was also so gorgeous outside and i spent half the time at a park with a lake. i think september is becoming one of my fav months. it seems that anywhere i am (california, massachussets, washington state or nebrasksa) in the month of september, it is always beautiful and sunny and warm :)

only a couple more days to go and then i'll be home :) cannot wait to be home with my family! this coming weekend will be like a small family reunion as both my sister AND brother will be home...just like old times :) hope you have a wonderful and blessed evening! xo

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