September 1, 2011

a day in san francisco...

it feels like it's been forever since i last blogged... i've missed it so! i've just been so busy these past few days with work and life..the usual. anyway, today i found myself in san francisco for a work mtg (i live about an hour away but don't go up that often as it becomes too much of a hassle for me w/ the traffic, the parking, the getting lost situation). sf is known for its cool, chilly, foggy days and i was SO happy to find that today was the complete opposite of that :) warm, mild, and SUNNY. yes, the glorious sun was actually out and shining upon san fran today! i wish i had taken some photos of how beautiful it was in the city!! seriously, the sun being out in sf is like a rare gem :)

soo, after my mtg what did i do?? naturally i went shopping of course! i definitely had to take advantage of the shopping/ stores in the city. i went to a few stores that aren't near where i live, however i ended up only purchasing items from stores that are quite close to me back home (go figure).

i was too lazy and tired from work to take pics of the items i purchased...
h&m - dark blue/ greyish skinny jeans (i really, really wanted the purple ones but they didn't have my size!!)
nordstroms - cozy, cream colored sweater; floral lace tank top; cream colored tank top

so no special purchases here...just your standard getting ready for fall/ basic items.

hopefully my next post will be more exciting :)  goodnight! xo

ps. how is it already september (altho it still feels like summer here)!? august just flew by! but i am so excited for fall and all the cute, cozy, warm outfits to bust out very soon :)


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