September 28, 2011

bring on the bling!

soooooo i'm back in omaha, nebraska for work and it's been so tiring - long days of training and learning...oh lots and lots of learning! haha. i feel so blessed to have met a few girls from cali in the training..we've bonded over the craziness over the past few days AND over dinner and drinks, which definitely help after a long day of learning :) today after work, we decided to go get some mani/pedis :) LOVED the idea. it's always so hard for me to choose the color i want..almost chose a deep, fall red color but opted for this sparkley, glitter polish by OPI called bring on the bling!

this pretty, gold glitter is SO fun! i searched for this color online and saw a blog photo of it on longer square nails and it looked so lovely! i think i'll need to purchase this color when i'm back home in california :)

as i'm getting ready for bed, i was watching E! news (yes, i know..i love celebrity gossip..can't help it!) and saw the show spot lighted andrew mcmahon from jack's mannequin. the show interviewed him at a gibson guitar studio and he spoke about his battle with cancer (leukemia) at such a young age (23). i'm so grateful to have seen him play back in 2004 in san diego, ca when he was in his first band, something corporate. LOVE something corporate and i also love music from jack's mannequin as well :)

sigh...there is something about a guy playing the piano <3 i literally died at the something corporate show when andrew was singing and playing the piano live. there was so much passion and intensity to his music and performance :)

hope you have blessed night! xo

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