August 12, 2011

ummm...why did i JUST discover now!??? i've been in love w/ topshop since i first stepped into their store in london while studying abroad in 2005. i seriously shopped there or at least stepped into their store every week! when i came back to the states i was so sad to discover i did not live near a topshop :( and so for the longest time, i've been looking longingly at gorg topshop dresses and blazers and shoes in magazines and missing them dearly! and i've just NOW discovered them online! seriously was i living under a rock!? hahaa...i'm looking at their fun clothes now! i want their cute blazers, coats, and dresses! but i've told myself no shopping until sept :) i think i can go 1 month w/o shopping! sept is when i've deemed it's time to start shopping for fall :)

do you guys love topshop?  here are few things i'm lusting after..and no, these are not all fall related clothing ;)

have a blessed day! xoxo



  1. I absolutely adore Top Shop!! When it first arrived in NYC, I had to refrain from dropping by daily. My office was just a few blocks away, and it was sooo dangerous! Happy shopping!

    Officially following--love for you to check out my blog when you have a sec.


  2. i love topshop too! i have no idea how i just discovered them online..haha! AND i just checked out your blog and read a few posts and am so excited! already LOVE your blog :)


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