August 15, 2011

it was a pink kind of day...

so, today i wore my new pink sunglasses :) and i friggin' love michaels...the crafts store! there are 3 stores i could live in...first is sephora - i seriously could wander the store all day and all night for that matter. second is michaels - i'm not talented in the arts and crafts department but i love attempting to be crafty and creative ;) and everytime i go to michaels i want to buy EVERYTHING in the store! and third would be a bookstore - i love reading...especially the classics so i want to buy every book i read as a kid, which is not practical but i dream of having a mini library in my house someday :)

anyway, onto my pink accessories for the day! :)

love my new PINK wayfarers! and nope they're not raybans...i was planning on buying black wayfarers but i stumbled on these! i'll have to do a post on my cute sunglasses i got from! i also wore my new "love" necklace :) it was very blingy

haha...weird shot but i loved my pink lips! it's maybelline's lipstick in 5th ave fuchsia and i added l'oreal's new colour riche lip gloss in raspberry splash (kinda disappointed again w/ l'oreal..the lipglosses are very sheer BUT they smell and taste vanilla cupcakes!)

and some of my purchases from michaels :)
love my pink roses :) and while i was waiting in line i saw these cute simply shabby chic notebooks! i couldn't believe my eyes!!! so of course i had to snatch up the last remaining ones! i'm going to use these to take notes for blog ideas :) the pattern on the notebooks remind me of my first simply shabby chic quilt :)

 love this wall says "plant seeds of kindness & harvest happy hearts" :)

my inspiration board...a work in progress...i'm sure there will be many more inspiration boards to come!

goodnight! xo


  1. In the process of making my own inspiration board. Love yours!!


  2. I am loving this thematic pink post! The images are so cute and lovely, and you have made me want some Pink Wayfarers, haha!
    I am becoming a new follower on Tumblr, too!


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