August 10, 2011

hot pink nails!

does something simple as painting your nails hot pink, brighten your day?? it does for me! something as simple as painting my nails, wearing a sweet lip color, or wearing a delicate and fun hair piece does wonders to liven up my day :D

on sunday i was still on my *high* from being home (i still am!) and thought what could i do to reflect how i currently feel? paint my toes and nails a bright pink color!! the color is revlon's scented bubble gum pink :) my toes looked a lil' meh so i added a layer of sally hansen glitter polish on top of those babies! SO fun :)  this is just ONE coat of bubble gum on both my nails and toes...even with just one coat they look soo fab..i bet with 2 coats it would look even better! i was just lazy and did one coat :)

today is another pool day at work! ;) work for a few hours...take a looooooong lunch and tan and read some mags and then back to the office for some mtgs! hope you all have a fun day!! :)



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