August 3, 2011

hello from omaha!

hi all! i'm currently in omaha for's been hot and sooo extremely humid while i've been out here...hahha. it's been a crazy whirlwind, training new folks and all but we have a little breather now since we've closed the month for finance! woohoo! it's been a brutal 2 days at work. anyway, during my break at work, i was cruising the internet...haha yes, cruising, and came across this amazing Christian based group called "Little Dresses for Africa"! this is such an amazing organization bringing hope and Jesus' love to little girls and now little boys throughout the world :) i cannot wait to get home and start a sewing group w/ my mom and aunt (my aunt is so talented with sewing)! this ministry is so very close to my heart and it excites me to see these girls and women bringing the good news of Jesus to children all over the world through DRESSES (and shorts for boys)! :)

all girls should have the opportunity to wear fun, girly, ruffly, pretty little dresses and dream of being princesses! we are all daughters (and sons) of Jesus Christ, therefore, we're princesses and princes in the Lord's eyes!! :D

you can check out the organization's website here! there's so many ways you can help and give to this beautiful ministry :)

it's pretty amazing how encouraged i've been during my stay in omaha...this weekend, i heard a pastor preaching from Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." how beautiful is that verse!! when i first read that verse last year, i cried b/c i just felt how much the Lord loves us through that verse! we are made in the image of God and He loves us so much! we are beautiful and extraordinary children of God...we are each unique and have been given different and beautiful talents from our Lord! i feel so loved by our Savior and i hope everyday you are reminded of how much Jesus loves you and how special we are to Him :)

i was also watching a program on tv in my hotel room the other night, on a sports channel no less, and it was about this little 3 yr old and his passion for the game of baseball. but this was no ordinary little boy, this special boy, josiah, has progeria (an extreme condition of progeria at that)'s a genetic condition where children age extremely quickly and encounter many complicated health issues and may only live until their early teens. this 3 year old boy's body did not recognize that he was only his body he was about 60 :( when the reporter asked josiah what he thought heaven was like, he responded with "heaven is Jesus". SO beautiful and SO true...heaven = Jesus <3 please pray for this special, sweet, and adorable boy, josiah!! :)

on the make-up front, last week i saw kandee johnson's post about big red lips and had to go out and purchase the l'oreal infallible in the beyonce color (this was purely based on the pic of kandee with the lipstick on)! ughh, i wish i had read the reviews on makeupalley before i impulsively purchased this at target! while i LOVE this shade of red, seriously LOVE this color! the actual lipstick formula SUCKS. i hate to say it since i absolutely love the color, but as one reviewer described this product, it's basically paint, lipstick paint. you can't layer this and even if you just put one layer of this on your lips it just starts flaking :( this stuff is a flaking mess!! now i'm on the hunt for a lipstick with this intense, vibrant red color. fail on l'oreal for the actual performance/ formula of the product :( does anyone know of another lipstick that is a similar color to this? i NEED this lipstick color in my life!!
here i still wet from my shower with not a lick of make-up on, pretending i'm putting on the lipstick :)

 hehe...random photo of me i took in my hotel one night after work...yeah, i was bored :)

may you be blessed! xo

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