August 22, 2011

ebay purchases!

i'm in love. with my new ebay bags that is :) i first saw them on laura's blog buy now, blog later. my initial impression of the bag was so-so. you see, i'm not a fan of studs...studded bags, studded shoes, studded jackets, etc. but when i saw laura's outfits with the bag(s)...i couldn't help but LOVE. this bag is so versatile and popularly dubbed by laura as the "focco"since it's a replica of alexander wang's rocco bag :) once i made my purchases, i searched online for the alexander wang rocco bag and found a ton of celebs sportin' this bag. also, might i add that i am slowly beginning to warm up to studs :) haha sounds so wrong! but, yeah, i'm starting to warm up to this trend, and have actually been eying a pair of pink pour la victoire studded flats!! ok, so the pros and cons of this bag...

-cheap! hurray!!
-light weight (as i read the real rocco bag is very heavy)
-easily accessible to many on ebay :)
-and pretty darn good quality for a fake leather bag :)
-versatile, sexy, edgy with a feel of rock-and-roll ;)

-since i don't live in the UK, it takes awhile to be delivered...roughly 2 weeks...nothing to do w/ the seller or the bag itself...i'm just impatient like that ;)

i ended up using the same seller as laura, but as she says you can just search for a black studded bag and many sellers pop up. seller's store is here.

ps. take a look at laura's pics for the grey focco here. her pictures are MUCH better quality and are more true to color of the bag! it's such a pretty grey, lilacy shade in person!

OH and while i was perusing around this seller's shop, i found some sweet scarves! yes, they're the knock off version of the louis vuitton stephen sprouse scarves (had no idea when i first ordered the rose printed scarf) but it was too lovely to pass up on! it's very soft and feels of good quality :) i don't care that it's not real louis vuitton (no brand snob here ;) ) i just loved the print and didn't have heaps of money to spend on a louis, so this was a good choice :)

 i've also been obsessing over cowboy boots as of late. last month i purchased a pair of pink ones, which i adore :) but i was on the hunt for some cute, slouchy, tan colored cowboy boots that i could wear with almost anything. it took awhile, but i finally found some brand new steve madden ones on ebay! i was so happy to see these on my front steps after work today! they retail for about $400 but i got them for a fraction of the price!! SCORE.

and this weekend i was determined to make my MAC dollymix blush work on me. i bought it on a whim while i was at the MAC store with a friend a couple of months ago. i had read rave reviews on makeupalley and thought the color looked gorg in the pan...on my face, not so gorg. first off i did not realize it was a "sheertone" blush...which was my fault. i'm used to pigmented blushes like NARS (my fav) where i can just touch the brush to the pan and get a ton of product. this dollymix was not that kind. i felt i had to dig my brush into the pan to get any sort of color and when i did get the color it was a weird red/pink with a tinge of orange on me. not a good look. so it sat next to all my other blushes for 2 months gathering dust. but this weekend i found that first placing NARS multiple tint in cadaquƩs on my cheeks and then placing the dollymix on top gave me those dolly pink cheeks i was looking for :) i've been loving this look so i wore it to work today! ughh, sorry for the shiny face (i have a love/hate relationship with my face suncreen)...just ordered a new all natural sunblock that is supposed to be mattifying...can't wait to try that and report back! and not the best shot of the blush on my cheeks...the flash is really drowning out the color! but so happy i found a way to make this blush work.

can't help but smile with all the beautiful things the Lord is doing in my life!! :)

ok, going to attempt to go to bed early tonight! ;) i think my next post will be about my work trip to omaha. hope you all have a goooood night :)



  1. Hi Michelle
    Thank your for the loveliest comments ever!!! your are such a doll and your blog is gorgeous xxx you have yourself a new follower xx

  2. you're SO sweet!! :) i can't wait to purchase some of your pretty little things! you are so creative and inspiring!


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