August 22, 2011

ebay purchases!

i'm in love. with my new ebay bags that is :) i first saw them on laura's blog buy now, blog later. my initial impression of the bag was so-so. you see, i'm not a fan of studs...studded bags, studded shoes, studded jackets, etc. but when i saw laura's outfits with the bag(s)...i couldn't help but LOVE. this bag is so versatile and popularly dubbed by laura as the "focco"since it's a replica of alexander wang's rocco bag :) once i made my purchases, i searched online for the alexander wang rocco bag and found a ton of celebs sportin' this bag. also, might i add that i am slowly beginning to warm up to studs :) haha sounds so wrong! but, yeah, i'm starting to warm up to this trend, and have actually been eying a pair of pink pour la victoire studded flats!! ok, so the pros and cons of this bag...

-cheap! hurray!!
-light weight (as i read the real rocco bag is very heavy)
-easily accessible to many on ebay :)
-and pretty darn good quality for a fake leather bag :)
-versatile, sexy, edgy with a feel of rock-and-roll ;)

-since i don't live in the UK, it takes awhile to be delivered...roughly 2 weeks...nothing to do w/ the seller or the bag itself...i'm just impatient like that ;)

i ended up using the same seller as laura, but as she says you can just search for a black studded bag and many sellers pop up. seller's store is here.

ps. take a look at laura's pics for the grey focco here. her pictures are MUCH better quality and are more true to color of the bag! it's such a pretty grey, lilacy shade in person!

OH and while i was perusing around this seller's shop, i found some sweet scarves! yes, they're the knock off version of the louis vuitton stephen sprouse scarves (had no idea when i first ordered the rose printed scarf) but it was too lovely to pass up on! it's very soft and feels of good quality :) i don't care that it's not real louis vuitton (no brand snob here ;) ) i just loved the print and didn't have heaps of money to spend on a louis, so this was a good choice :)

 i've also been obsessing over cowboy boots as of late. last month i purchased a pair of pink ones, which i adore :) but i was on the hunt for some cute, slouchy, tan colored cowboy boots that i could wear with almost anything. it took awhile, but i finally found some brand new steve madden ones on ebay! i was so happy to see these on my front steps after work today! they retail for about $400 but i got them for a fraction of the price!! SCORE.

and this weekend i was determined to make my MAC dollymix blush work on me. i bought it on a whim while i was at the MAC store with a friend a couple of months ago. i had read rave reviews on makeupalley and thought the color looked gorg in the pan...on my face, not so gorg. first off i did not realize it was a "sheertone" blush...which was my fault. i'm used to pigmented blushes like NARS (my fav) where i can just touch the brush to the pan and get a ton of product. this dollymix was not that kind. i felt i had to dig my brush into the pan to get any sort of color and when i did get the color it was a weird red/pink with a tinge of orange on me. not a good look. so it sat next to all my other blushes for 2 months gathering dust. but this weekend i found that first placing NARS multiple tint in cadaquƩs on my cheeks and then placing the dollymix on top gave me those dolly pink cheeks i was looking for :) i've been loving this look so i wore it to work today! ughh, sorry for the shiny face (i have a love/hate relationship with my face suncreen)...just ordered a new all natural sunblock that is supposed to be mattifying...can't wait to try that and report back! and not the best shot of the blush on my cheeks...the flash is really drowning out the color! but so happy i found a way to make this blush work.

can't help but smile with all the beautiful things the Lord is doing in my life!! :)

ok, going to attempt to go to bed early tonight! ;) i think my next post will be about my work trip to omaha. hope you all have a goooood night :)


August 19, 2011

in love with the royals...

i've been in love with the royal family (particularly princess diana and her sons william and harry) ever since i was a child! and now i'm in love with princess kate! so, when i saw the previews for this hallmark channel movie, i was ECSTATIC!

you better believe i'll be watching william and catherine: a royal romance on august 27th!!

seriously, kate is so gorg! i love that she's bringing fascinators back! the way she wears them is never over the top! :)

happy friday!! :)

August 15, 2011

it was a pink kind of day...

so, today i wore my new pink sunglasses :) and i friggin' love michaels...the crafts store! there are 3 stores i could live in...first is sephora - i seriously could wander the store all day and all night for that matter. second is michaels - i'm not talented in the arts and crafts department but i love attempting to be crafty and creative ;) and everytime i go to michaels i want to buy EVERYTHING in the store! and third would be a bookstore - i love reading...especially the classics so i want to buy every book i read as a kid, which is not practical but i dream of having a mini library in my house someday :)

anyway, onto my pink accessories for the day! :)

love my new PINK wayfarers! and nope they're not raybans...i was planning on buying black wayfarers but i stumbled on these! i'll have to do a post on my cute sunglasses i got from! i also wore my new "love" necklace :) it was very blingy

haha...weird shot but i loved my pink lips! it's maybelline's lipstick in 5th ave fuchsia and i added l'oreal's new colour riche lip gloss in raspberry splash (kinda disappointed again w/ l'oreal..the lipglosses are very sheer BUT they smell and taste vanilla cupcakes!)

and some of my purchases from michaels :)
love my pink roses :) and while i was waiting in line i saw these cute simply shabby chic notebooks! i couldn't believe my eyes!!! so of course i had to snatch up the last remaining ones! i'm going to use these to take notes for blog ideas :) the pattern on the notebooks remind me of my first simply shabby chic quilt :)

 love this wall says "plant seeds of kindness & harvest happy hearts" :)

my inspiration board...a work in progress...i'm sure there will be many more inspiration boards to come!

goodnight! xo

August 12, 2011

ummm...why did i JUST discover now!??? i've been in love w/ topshop since i first stepped into their store in london while studying abroad in 2005. i seriously shopped there or at least stepped into their store every week! when i came back to the states i was so sad to discover i did not live near a topshop :( and so for the longest time, i've been looking longingly at gorg topshop dresses and blazers and shoes in magazines and missing them dearly! and i've just NOW discovered them online! seriously was i living under a rock!? hahaa...i'm looking at their fun clothes now! i want their cute blazers, coats, and dresses! but i've told myself no shopping until sept :) i think i can go 1 month w/o shopping! sept is when i've deemed it's time to start shopping for fall :)

do you guys love topshop?  here are few things i'm lusting after..and no, these are not all fall related clothing ;)

have a blessed day! xoxo


August 10, 2011

i've been checking out this site for a few weeks now and it's so cool! if i were a model/ photographer/ stylist/ fashionista OR an aspiring model..photographer...stylist...fashionista...i would totally join this! even as an onlooker it's so much fun to view all the different styles and outfits people create. it's actually really beautiful...inspiring...and creative! this site totally inspires me :) below is one of my favorites!!! <3

 this look is by Alexandra P.

sigh...this look is SO pretty and fun and feminine! i want that dress and blazer! 

hot pink nails!

does something simple as painting your nails hot pink, brighten your day?? it does for me! something as simple as painting my nails, wearing a sweet lip color, or wearing a delicate and fun hair piece does wonders to liven up my day :D

on sunday i was still on my *high* from being home (i still am!) and thought what could i do to reflect how i currently feel? paint my toes and nails a bright pink color!! the color is revlon's scented bubble gum pink :) my toes looked a lil' meh so i added a layer of sally hansen glitter polish on top of those babies! SO fun :)  this is just ONE coat of bubble gum on both my nails and toes...even with just one coat they look soo fab..i bet with 2 coats it would look even better! i was just lazy and did one coat :)

today is another pool day at work! ;) work for a few hours...take a looooooong lunch and tan and read some mags and then back to the office for some mtgs! hope you all have a fun day!! :)



August 7, 2011

forgiveness & lace :)

i am SOOO happy to be home! going away for 2 weeks has made me appreciative of my home and cali so much! as soon as i landed and walked outside the airport, the nice cool breeze hit my body! sunshine was everywhere but no humidity :) i was sooo overjoyed to be home!!! in honor of my happiness, i felt like wearing lace and my new black bag today :) the combo worked out perfectly!

the sweet sunshine made me crave lace and i HAD to wear my new bag! here goes...i ended up LOVING this look! love the softness and femininity of lace paired with a structured, black studded bag!

sorry for the blurry shots! i'll post better pics of this fabulous bag in another post soon! :)
my OOTD ~
top: vintage lace top from my sister
jeans: paige denim (love this brand...these jeans actually make me look like i have a butt!)
shoes: seychelles (love 'em!)
bag: ebay (more to come about this bag..promise!)
bracelets: h&m
ring: forever 21

close up shots of my lovely h&m bracelets :) these are so fun! bought these last year...they're so versatile...they come in a 8-pack but i only layered 4 here! you can stack all 8 and they look fab too!

there's a lot of sundays when i go to church and i feel that a sermon was specifically crafted for ME. today was one of those sundays. it was about letting go. learning to forgive. now i know in order for the Lord to forgive me of my sins, i must forgive others of all wrong they have done to me. easier said than done. 

my pastor did a wonderful job of illustrating the importance of forgiveness and letting go of hurt, bitterness, and anger. he spoke from Matthew 18:21-35 ~ the parable of the unmerciful servant, and this part of the scripture really stood out to me "This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart." Jesus won't forgive us unless we forgive the people that have hurt us! forgiveness is never easy but we must do it. not only for the Lord to forgive us of our transgressions but in order for us to live a healthy and happy life. as one woman said, "unforgiveness is like a cancer...eating away at your body, your heart, your mind, your soul". let today be the day you forgive those who have hurt you. forgiveness is a choice. not an easy one at all but a life-saving one! today i choose to forgive the people that have hurt me in my life! let go of those painful thoughts and memories. do not allow bitterness and unforgiveness to take a hold of your life! letting go of this hurt, makes room for and allows God into your life :) 

i pray you let go and live in the freedom and joy of FORGIVENESS today! <3

"For if you forgive other men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."
~Matthew 6:14-15

getting so to bed! hope you all have a goodnight! :)

August 4, 2011

OMG...this is amazing

i just read this post from Huge Love's blog (tiffany is kandee johnson's sister :D) and this is so amazing, beautiful, and wonderful! i hope you're encouraged, uplifted, and filled with warm fuzzies and hope as i was by these beautiful words! :) i have always clung onto Proverbs 3:5-6...check it out, it's pretty amazing :)

Huge Love: There is STILL hope: "I know that everyone in this life will at some time come face to face with the deafening silence of total and complete hopelessness. I kn..."

i pray you may be blessed and that your faith may grow even more from these encouraging words! XO

August 3, 2011

hello from omaha!

hi all! i'm currently in omaha for's been hot and sooo extremely humid while i've been out here...hahha. it's been a crazy whirlwind, training new folks and all but we have a little breather now since we've closed the month for finance! woohoo! it's been a brutal 2 days at work. anyway, during my break at work, i was cruising the internet...haha yes, cruising, and came across this amazing Christian based group called "Little Dresses for Africa"! this is such an amazing organization bringing hope and Jesus' love to little girls and now little boys throughout the world :) i cannot wait to get home and start a sewing group w/ my mom and aunt (my aunt is so talented with sewing)! this ministry is so very close to my heart and it excites me to see these girls and women bringing the good news of Jesus to children all over the world through DRESSES (and shorts for boys)! :)

all girls should have the opportunity to wear fun, girly, ruffly, pretty little dresses and dream of being princesses! we are all daughters (and sons) of Jesus Christ, therefore, we're princesses and princes in the Lord's eyes!! :D

you can check out the organization's website here! there's so many ways you can help and give to this beautiful ministry :)

it's pretty amazing how encouraged i've been during my stay in omaha...this weekend, i heard a pastor preaching from Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." how beautiful is that verse!! when i first read that verse last year, i cried b/c i just felt how much the Lord loves us through that verse! we are made in the image of God and He loves us so much! we are beautiful and extraordinary children of God...we are each unique and have been given different and beautiful talents from our Lord! i feel so loved by our Savior and i hope everyday you are reminded of how much Jesus loves you and how special we are to Him :)

i was also watching a program on tv in my hotel room the other night, on a sports channel no less, and it was about this little 3 yr old and his passion for the game of baseball. but this was no ordinary little boy, this special boy, josiah, has progeria (an extreme condition of progeria at that)'s a genetic condition where children age extremely quickly and encounter many complicated health issues and may only live until their early teens. this 3 year old boy's body did not recognize that he was only his body he was about 60 :( when the reporter asked josiah what he thought heaven was like, he responded with "heaven is Jesus". SO beautiful and SO true...heaven = Jesus <3 please pray for this special, sweet, and adorable boy, josiah!! :)

on the make-up front, last week i saw kandee johnson's post about big red lips and had to go out and purchase the l'oreal infallible in the beyonce color (this was purely based on the pic of kandee with the lipstick on)! ughh, i wish i had read the reviews on makeupalley before i impulsively purchased this at target! while i LOVE this shade of red, seriously LOVE this color! the actual lipstick formula SUCKS. i hate to say it since i absolutely love the color, but as one reviewer described this product, it's basically paint, lipstick paint. you can't layer this and even if you just put one layer of this on your lips it just starts flaking :( this stuff is a flaking mess!! now i'm on the hunt for a lipstick with this intense, vibrant red color. fail on l'oreal for the actual performance/ formula of the product :( does anyone know of another lipstick that is a similar color to this? i NEED this lipstick color in my life!!
here i still wet from my shower with not a lick of make-up on, pretending i'm putting on the lipstick :)

 hehe...random photo of me i took in my hotel one night after work...yeah, i was bored :)

may you be blessed! xo
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