July 13, 2011

sunburns + other things

i had a chance to hang out on a friend's boat this past weekend and it was hilarious & fun! we saw a lot of interesting characters out on the lake. we not only had a crack up time but we also all ended up getting burnt...and of course i think i got burnt the most :( i think i finally discovered the key to not getting burned...REAPPLY. reapply that sunblock!! i ended up being as red as a lobster the next day...i think the burn is finally calming down as i've been slathering on the aloe.

 ha..not the most flattering pic of me but this was 1 of the 2 pics we took that day hahah. that apricot ale i'm gripping was delish! AND this is prior to getting burned :)

during lunch today, my coworker and i ran over to the mall to do a lil' shopping :) and you know what i realized?? no matter how much i love make-up, clothes, bags, and shoes...i will always much rather be somewhere near the water than be shopping :) like the above lake or even better...a beach in the south of france! i'm such a water baby! haha...but below is what i ended up purchasing! a waterproof blush for said water adventures and this new perfume that i'm in love with!

sooo excited to try the MUFE aqua cream for cheeks in #7 (fuschia color). just gotta remember to apply with a light & gentle hand! b/c this stuff is super duper pigmented!! and seriously lovin' the chloe EDP rollerball...this may be my new scent! i'll have to report back on how waterproof the waterproof blush is ;)

also, at the urging of one of my coworkers, i've created a tumblr account :) it'll be a place mainly for quick & inspirational pics :) essentially anything and everything that makes me SMILE :)

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