July 18, 2011

random thoughts of the day...

*why must there be an insane/ dangerous heat wave in omaha, nebraska when i have to be there for a full 2 weeks for work!?

*and what is there to do in omaha (at night & on the weekend) for 2 weeks?

*why do models always look so pissed off or depressed!? seriously? why can't they just smile! :)

*i think i'll bring my toothbrush and floss to work so i can be one of those annoying ppl brushing their teeth in the bathroom sink...yes, i say annoying, but i shall soon be joining them. healthy teeth & gums!

*there is no such thing as too much pink :)

*i love going to church...it's always so encouraging, refreshing, and uplifting!

*my sister needs to move back to cali. asap.

*work in europe? yes, i think so...just need to brush up on my french... 

*why is conan o'brien SO funny!?

*and why are drummers so HOT?? 

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