July 11, 2011

princess diamond

last week i saw these photos on Yahoo! Shine and the images immediately touched my heart and i NEEDED to know more.


this little girl, diamond, at the age of 6 is battling cancer (undifferentiated sarcoma). her wish was to meet a real life princess :) and miraculously (i think God had a little a lot to do with this) diamond's wish came true! she got to meet princess kate and prince william :) i look at this little girl and am just amazed by her strength, resilience, and hope. as a 6 yr old she has gone through hardships i haven't even had to face in my 27 yrs of life. losing her mother just at 18 months and now battling this awful disease, this little girl endures chemo, pain, radiation, re-learning how to talk and walk, and SO much more at the tiny age of 6!!! i think of all the challenges and heartbreaks i've encountered and my troubles don't even compare to diamond's! when i'm having a bad day or am sad b/c of a broken heart i think of diamond b/c she really puts things in perspective. i, also, say a little prayer for her..that the Lord will HEAL diamond and comfort her while she battles this disease. i KNOW the Lord and His angels are ALWAYS with His little princess, diamond :) if you can, please pray for this sweet little girl. to see the entire article on diamond's rendez-vous with princess kate go here ...just an fyi...be ready to cry. i couldn't read this or look at the pictures w/o tearing up like crazy!

i LOVE what diamond said just after meeting princess kate, "she was as fancy as she looks on TV!" SO cute!! and PS. this lil' girl is one after my own heart..i just loved her outfit! butterflies on her dress, w/ a pink shrug, and matching pink headband and flower! :) LOVE it! i would have totally worn that outfit too ;)

children have always had a special place in my heart. now, i do love make-up..to the point where i'm OBSESSED with it! and i even love buying pretty summer dresses but children really are my special and true loves. while some people's eyes light up when they find that perfect purse or when they play the most beautiful melody on the piano...my eyes light up when i hear a baby belly laughing like there's no tomorrow :) or when i see the chubby rolls on a baby like the michelin man or when that 4 year old is SO excited about his army themed birthday party that he starts inviting everyone he meets ;) now recently, i've felt that God has placed in my heart to be with children battling illnesses. to not just adore and love the healthy children but to adore and love the sick ones as well! i truly feel like God wants and needs me there...to show these children that HE truly does LOVE them and cares for them amidst their hardships! now i have no idea exactly how to go about this as i have a full time job and most hospital volunteer needs are for during the weekday but i pray that God makes and creates an opportunity for me to be with these children in need. <3

with God, ALL things are possible :) may you have a blessed day!


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