July 12, 2011

kandee johnson's blog

i wanted to comment on kandee's post today but it looks like that option was taken away...so instead i'll blog about her post :) i just read today's post and it was just so encouraging! i've been following kandee on and off for about 2 years now...just right before she got super huge. SO glad i read today's post. i think you should too! she just LOVES GOD and i love her for her positivity, sweetness, her passion & talent for make-up, and above all her love for Christ! <3

check out today's blog post...

Kandeeland: Bad, Sad or Ugly Days: "Somedays knock us off our feet....rip our hearts out, make us feel sad, defeated or like we just can't deal with these problems in life any ..."

LOVE this part of her post: "I just want everyone to know that asks me, "how are you so happy?"...to know the answer. It's the joy of the Lord in my heart, because my life is not perfect, and it's not my life that makes me happy...it's God." AMEN sista :D

love & hugs :)


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