July 24, 2011

God is Lord over my life :)

i refuse to allow...

love of money & things
hate & fear

...to be ruler over my life. Jesus is my God and nothing & no one can ever take His place! :) His LOVE reigns over all!

i'm off to omaha for work! i'll have to let you know how the steak and prime ribs are ;) hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with many blessings!! xo

apostle Paul's encouraging words

apostle Paul writes in 2 Timothy 1:7-10...

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. So, do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed of me his prisoner. But join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God, who has SAVED us and called us to a holy life--not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was GIVEN us in CHRIST JESUS before the beginning of time, but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has DESTROYED death and has brought LIFE and immortality to light through the gospel. "

wow. i read this and was just blown away by Paul's reminder to us of the Lord's LOVE, GRACE, and MERCY. his testimony is a reminder of how loving and faithful our Lord Jesus is...and he encourages us to not forget that it is not of our own doing but of the Lord's will that He has saved us and brought us to a holy and righteous life! he also encourages us to share this GOOD NEWS :) i hope this encourages you as much as it has encouraged me tonight! i choose to live a life to GLORIFY our Lord and Savior and not that of man. AMEN <3

i pray that you may be encouraged and blessed by Paul's words of the Lord's grace! know that our Lord Jesus is merciful, forgiving, and ALWAYS loving :) HE is bringing me through some difficult times now...and i struggle everyday...but i KNOW the Lord cares for me and loves me and will break me free from these strongholds!

and as i was writing in my journal today, i happened to notice the sweet and encouraging verse on the cover of the notebook... :)

i truly hope this post has encouraged you and given you hope in Christ Jesus! the time of singing and rejoicing will come!  


July 21, 2011

cute, cute shoes!

tonight was the perfect summer night...so warm and fun! i love summers in cali :) and i wore these tonight :) i was wearing heels earlier in the day but my feet were killing me, so after work i came home and changed them to these sandals! forever 21 :) sooo cute! i'm a bit ashamed that half my closet is f21 but oh well...at least they're cute ;)

off to bed...goodnight! :)


July 19, 2011

dreams & Jesus

i LOVE that God gives us dreams...and the opportunity to dream BIG. dreams of a life that transforms and helps others. dreams of healing and redemption. dreams of puppies and flowers. dreams of hope and forgiveness. dreams of tropical getaways and pink glitter. dreams of heaven and babies. dreams of sitting down at a table with David, Esther, and Paul...and dreams of meeting our Savior at those pearly gates. what beautiful, beautiful dreams you give us, Lord! :)

"For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations."
~Psalm 100:5

may your night be blessed with beautiful, sparkling dreams! xo


July 18, 2011

random thoughts of the day...

*why must there be an insane/ dangerous heat wave in omaha, nebraska when i have to be there for a full 2 weeks for work!?

*and what is there to do in omaha (at night & on the weekend) for 2 weeks?

*why do models always look so pissed off or depressed!? seriously? why can't they just smile! :)

*i think i'll bring my toothbrush and floss to work so i can be one of those annoying ppl brushing their teeth in the bathroom sink...yes, i say annoying, but i shall soon be joining them. healthy teeth & gums!

*there is no such thing as too much pink :)

*i love going to church...it's always so encouraging, refreshing, and uplifting!

*my sister needs to move back to cali. asap.

*work in europe? yes, i think so...just need to brush up on my french... 

*why is conan o'brien SO funny!?

*and why are drummers so HOT?? 

current faves...

make-up, perfume & hair products
*nars blush in dolce vita - cannot get enough of this color! LOVE!
*NYX long lash mascara - this doesn't replace my HG max factor 2000 cal mascara but it'll do ;)
*revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick in premium pink
*chloe eau de parfum - seriously, i think this is my new signature scent! it's soft, floral, and romantic!
*wen cleansing conditioner - i use this as a leave in conditioner (not as a cleanser) and it's fab!! it leaves my hair so soft, shiny, and bouncy :)
*sunblock! any kind :)

clothing, shoes & accessories
*chanel sunglasses - seriously...how cute are these!? love the lil' white bows...these are SO michelle :)
*forever 21 summer dresses
*pink pour la victoire heels! - these are SO comfy & cute!!!
*bathing suits :)
*simply shabby chic misty rose bedding - haven't taken this off all summer (well except to wash it ;) )! although, i think it's about time for my belle hydrangea duvet to make its appearance :)

*confessions of a shopaholic - this book makes me want to move to europe! maybe...we'll see...

*katy perry - last friday night (**hangs head in shame** yes, i LOVE pop music...haha)

what are some of your faves?


July 15, 2011

pink cowboy boots!

oh, yes i did. straight out of the hot UPS guy's hands ;) these just arrived! and i'm in love....

recently been obsessed with pink cowboy boots (and pour la victoire shoes but that's for another post)! can't wait to wear these w/ my summer dresses and jeans! these boots remind me of rachel ashwell :) she loves her cowboy boots :) these are also much pinker than they looked online - very barbie pink, which i'm thoroughly happy about! i purchased these authentic cowgirl boots here sheplers.com

i've always felt "fake" wearing cowboy boots...well b/c 1) i'm not white 2) i live in the city 3) i don't work on a ranch...haha but i don't care about those "rules" i set up for myself anymore! cowboy boots are so comfy, stylish, and now that they come in pink they are just p-e-r-f-e-c-t for me :)

hope you all have a fab weekend filled with lots of love and pink! :)

July 13, 2011

sunburns + other things

i had a chance to hang out on a friend's boat this past weekend and it was hilarious & fun! we saw a lot of interesting characters out on the lake. we not only had a crack up time but we also all ended up getting burnt...and of course i think i got burnt the most :( i think i finally discovered the key to not getting burned...REAPPLY. reapply that sunblock!! i ended up being as red as a lobster the next day...i think the burn is finally calming down as i've been slathering on the aloe.

 ha..not the most flattering pic of me but this was 1 of the 2 pics we took that day hahah. that apricot ale i'm gripping was delish! AND this is prior to getting burned :)

during lunch today, my coworker and i ran over to the mall to do a lil' shopping :) and you know what i realized?? no matter how much i love make-up, clothes, bags, and shoes...i will always much rather be somewhere near the water than be shopping :) like the above lake or even better...a beach in the south of france! i'm such a water baby! haha...but below is what i ended up purchasing! a waterproof blush for said water adventures and this new perfume that i'm in love with!

sooo excited to try the MUFE aqua cream for cheeks in #7 (fuschia color). just gotta remember to apply with a light & gentle hand! b/c this stuff is super duper pigmented!! and seriously lovin' the chloe EDP rollerball...this may be my new scent! i'll have to report back on how waterproof the waterproof blush is ;)

also, at the urging of one of my coworkers, i've created a tumblr account :) it'll be a place mainly for quick & inspirational pics :) essentially anything and everything that makes me SMILE :)

follow me on tumblr @ shabbychicroses.tumblr.com


July 12, 2011

kandee johnson's blog

i wanted to comment on kandee's post today but it looks like that option was taken away...so instead i'll blog about her post :) i just read today's post and it was just so encouraging! i've been following kandee on and off for about 2 years now...just right before she got super huge. SO glad i read today's post. i think you should too! she just LOVES GOD and i love her for her positivity, sweetness, her passion & talent for make-up, and above all her love for Christ! <3

check out today's blog post...

Kandeeland: Bad, Sad or Ugly Days: "Somedays knock us off our feet....rip our hearts out, make us feel sad, defeated or like we just can't deal with these problems in life any ..."

LOVE this part of her post: "I just want everyone to know that asks me, "how are you so happy?"...to know the answer. It's the joy of the Lord in my heart, because my life is not perfect, and it's not my life that makes me happy...it's God." AMEN sista :D

love & hugs :)


this dog...

makes me SO happy! awwwww i LOVE him so much!!! he is just too cute for words!!! :)

 here he is with his pal, buddy! <3 i love buddy too, so a-dorable!

all photos are from boo's fb page...facebook.com/boo


July 11, 2011

princess diamond

last week i saw these photos on Yahoo! Shine and the images immediately touched my heart and i NEEDED to know more.


this little girl, diamond, at the age of 6 is battling cancer (undifferentiated sarcoma). her wish was to meet a real life princess :) and miraculously (i think God had a little a lot to do with this) diamond's wish came true! she got to meet princess kate and prince william :) i look at this little girl and am just amazed by her strength, resilience, and hope. as a 6 yr old she has gone through hardships i haven't even had to face in my 27 yrs of life. losing her mother just at 18 months and now battling this awful disease, this little girl endures chemo, pain, radiation, re-learning how to talk and walk, and SO much more at the tiny age of 6!!! i think of all the challenges and heartbreaks i've encountered and my troubles don't even compare to diamond's! when i'm having a bad day or am sad b/c of a broken heart i think of diamond b/c she really puts things in perspective. i, also, say a little prayer for her..that the Lord will HEAL diamond and comfort her while she battles this disease. i KNOW the Lord and His angels are ALWAYS with His little princess, diamond :) if you can, please pray for this sweet little girl. to see the entire article on diamond's rendez-vous with princess kate go here ...just an fyi...be ready to cry. i couldn't read this or look at the pictures w/o tearing up like crazy!

i LOVE what diamond said just after meeting princess kate, "she was as fancy as she looks on TV!" SO cute!! and PS. this lil' girl is one after my own heart..i just loved her outfit! butterflies on her dress, w/ a pink shrug, and matching pink headband and flower! :) LOVE it! i would have totally worn that outfit too ;)

children have always had a special place in my heart. now, i do love make-up..to the point where i'm OBSESSED with it! and i even love buying pretty summer dresses but children really are my special and true loves. while some people's eyes light up when they find that perfect purse or when they play the most beautiful melody on the piano...my eyes light up when i hear a baby belly laughing like there's no tomorrow :) or when i see the chubby rolls on a baby like the michelin man or when that 4 year old is SO excited about his army themed birthday party that he starts inviting everyone he meets ;) now recently, i've felt that God has placed in my heart to be with children battling illnesses. to not just adore and love the healthy children but to adore and love the sick ones as well! i truly feel like God wants and needs me there...to show these children that HE truly does LOVE them and cares for them amidst their hardships! now i have no idea exactly how to go about this as i have a full time job and most hospital volunteer needs are for during the weekday but i pray that God makes and creates an opportunity for me to be with these children in need. <3

with God, ALL things are possible :) may you have a blessed day!


July 7, 2011

to buy or not to buy...

that is the question.

i'm doing some online shopping tonight and am debating whether or not i should purchase these gorg, FUN shoes! these are seriously OUT.OF.CONTROL! such a statement piece! haha..one girl described them as "shoemazing!" lol...BUT as i'm reading all the reviews, i'm not sure they're worth the $240...there's a mixed bag of reviews for these...some ppl love them and some ppl were underwhelmed by the quality of the shoes...sigh...i guess i'll just have to sleep on it ;)

what do you think? are they worth it? :)

July 6, 2011

beautiful things :)

happy wed!

thought i'd share this sweet song that i've been listening to...God creates the most beautiful things and makes everything NEW again :)

and happy birthday to one of my bestest friends, jenn!!! <3

July 5, 2011

FOTD 7.4.2011

hope everyone had a great 4th filled with lots of good food! :)

this was my FOTD for the 4th of july...and lovin' tousled hair with my forever 21 cheap-o floral print sunglasses!
eyes: milani metallic black eyeliner (my fav smudgy liner), physicians formula organics mascara
cheeks: nars dolce vita blush
lips: lined with l'oreal rose lip liner, then topped it off with revlon just bitten in victorian, then added my fav lip gloss - revlon super lustrous in shine that pink (my HG which they have discontinued..sad face)
face: eww why is my face always so shiny!? i even added some zia face powder but that is just not cutting it..gotta find a really good mattifying powder

haha i can't smile or laugh with sunglasses on! they always ride up my face...i barely wear sunglasses b/c the bottom rims always sit on my cheeks and leave weird marks! but recently been wearing them b/c they do protect your eyes AND i've been developing a wrinkle near my eye brows from always squinting from the sun! not good..hence the need for eye protection :)

hope everyone has a beautiful day! xo 

July 2, 2011

love & comfort from God

i read this at a time when i needed to hear God's love. with tears in my eyes i read:

"The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."
Zephaniah 3:17

today i said goodbye to someone i loved and cared for a very long time. we both knew it was time to say goodbye but it was the most difficult thing to do. i knew it was the right thing to do but it was also the hardest thing i've ever done. i may never know why this person came into my life or why i loved this person so much but i do know this...the Lord is guiding me every step of the way and i trust in HIM. even though i lost a love, i know i will always have the love of our Lord.

He is always with me and comforts me...even in my weakest moments. even in my sadness, even in my pain and my brokenness...He uplifts me and strengthens me. the Lord is close to the brokenhearted...

what an amazing Father we have in you, JESUS! <3

July 1, 2011

vintage chic!

yesterday, i watched this vid of cat deeley from the show "so you think you can dance" on yahoo's frontpage...the vid talks about one of her recent outfits she wore on the show..LOVE IT and it was only $50! i'm so inspired by this outfit! now i'm on the hunt for a vintage lace dress...loooove lace ;) you can watch the video here!

happy friday! xo

what outfits have inspired you lately?

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