June 20, 2011

summertime love

summertime calls for juicy, cherry stained lips and vintage garden party dresses! :)

we're having a heat wave this week and while everyone else is complaining, i'm so excited and happy. this means summer has finally arrived in northern cali! and i'm thoroughly enjoying this weather (well except for the fact i'm stuck in the office all day)! however, my team and i are definitely going to take advantage of this weather..we've already gone out for lunch today and later this week we'll be stopping by my coworker's apt complex to lounge by the pool - it's called WFP...work from POOL! ;)

today i was feeling very summery hence the juicy cherry lips! i typically don't slap on lipstick or gloss for work since i'm a lil' lazy about re-applying at work, but since i was feeling oh-so summery, i decided to go for a bright pop of color on the lips. this is max factor's lipstick in #40. sigh i miss max factor make-up. i love their lipsticks and mascaras (their mascaras were my ultimate HG) but they're no longer available in the US :( max factor lipsticks are uber pigmented too...love!

i love pairing this lipstick with a clear gloss to sheer down the brightness. i love patting on strong lipsticks onto the lips like a stain, then adding a layer of clear gloss, and then adding another layer of lipstick on top of the gloss. this way you get a nice juicy sheen with color but it's not over the top for work and the lasting power is fab! :) i think i only had to touch up twice during the day!

the lipstick looks super scary red...almost an orange/firey red in the tube, however when it's applied to my medium pigmented lips it turns into more of a raspberry, cherry color!  i love that b/c i  don't look good in orangey red lipsticks! with my skin tone/ coloring i look better with more blue-based reds and pinks :)

now this dress, unfortunately, is not work appropriate but it is perfect for those summer weekends! this late 1950s/ more like early 1960s vintage garden dress is 1 size too big but i HAD to have it b/c it screams michelle :) look at those ruffles and the pretty floral print! it'll go perfectly with my red belt cinched at the waist! i haven't decided if i want to have the dress altered and taken in at the waist...or just wait to gain 10 pounds...

loooove summertime! love those summer days and hot summer nights :)

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