June 2, 2011

one of those days...

oh what a day...and it's not over (actually still working now..gotta love those 13 hr+ work days)...such a crazy busy work day as it's month end. i wanted to skip today :( it started off so rough...but the day is almost over!! i should be glad and appreciative i have a job and that i have such an amazing boss rather than whining about how hard work is! i hope my next manager is just as amazing as the one i currently have! okaaaaaaaaaaay, back to work at 10:30pm (!!) and then it's time for bed!

ps. i received a couple of goodies this week! when i'm not super busy with work or feeling lazy i'll post some pics :D

and i'll leave on this note... :)

he is just too cool for school :)
(photo courtesy of facebook.com/boo)


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