June 9, 2011

childhood favorites

 my absolute favorite time period was the 1800s growing up as a child and it still is my favorite today :) i always felt (and sometimes still do)  that i was born in the wrong time period...i should have been born in the little house on the prairie or the jane eyre or the pride and prejudice era. i grew up with my nose in a book...my sister and i inherited our love of stories and romance from our mother :) we read all of her favorites and naturally they became our favorites too!

i love the olden times...the beauty, the fashion, the simplicity, the true romance...a time where women acted as feminine as can be and yet were so brave, and men were always gentlemanly and chivalrous. i was always so jealous of the fashion in those times...i wanted to wear all the hats, the bonnets, the petticoats, the full skirts and dresses, and gloves! haha even the aprons and basket filled flowers they carried were pretty to me! they were all so pretty and SO feminine :) i guess the one thing i wouldn't have agreed with back then is their lack of make up! haha...a lil' more rouge and lipstick never hurt anyone ;)

below is a sample of some of my all time favorites...i still go back and read these from time to time (or watch the movie adaptations of the stories). <3
 "oh grandmama..."
 "oh thank heaven...for little girls" :)

pride and prejudice

 oooh..mr. darcy and his wet, white shirt ;) i still swoon everytime i read this part in the book or watch this scene in the movie!

little house on the prairie

haha i was obsessed with the entire little house on the prairie series that i even bought the cookbook as a child...not sure if i still have it...

jane eyre

now this was a sexy book...yes, i said sexy :)

anne of green gables & all of L.M. Montgomery's novels (yes, these stories don't take place in the 1800s...they take place in the early 1900s but i had to include her books b/c she is my all time FAVORITE author)

 oh anne shirley...i love you, your red hair, and prince edward island :)

little women

 i cried and i cried when i read this book!

the secret garden (ok, so this also didn't take place in the 1800s...took place in the early 1900s but i just LOVE this story!)

oh memories...i remember being so excited to write my book report on this book and watching this movie over and over again! don't we all want our own secret garden? <3

i have yet to read pygmalion by george bernard shaw (this is definitely on my to do list) but i LOVED the movie adaptation of the story "my fair lady" as a child. i was obsessed with the dresses and hats in this movie! loved everything about this movie from the unexpected love story to the songs to the cockney accent to all the gorgeous outfits :)

i loved every eliza doolittle outfit! :) they're pretty outrageous but always so feminine!

ok, i'm attempting to go to bed early tonight...before 1am so i can actually get a good night's rest! here's to trying :)

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