June 1, 2011

carrie's fabulous dresses

adore this tutu dress! i love it SO much! i love everything about this outfit...and can you believe she was running the streets of paris in those heels!?

so, i was watching some old episodes of SATC, specifically season 6, and realized i LOVE every outfit that carrie wears in the last season! sigh...these outfits are so gorg...i want that pink fluffy dress so badly...she wore sooo many full skirts and fluffy dresses in season 6! they're so flirty, fun, and feminine :) AND so much tulle! i love tulle...sighhh <3

just a sweet pic of mr. big and carrie in paris :)

and the lovely wedding pic from the first movie :) gooooorgeous!

i believe the pic below was from the 2nd movie...i just love the shoes!
love t-strap shoes! they're so delicate and feminine :)


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  1. love the pink one and the green one, want to get one made!


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