May 18, 2011

vogue pics & more

i picked up the may issue of vogue b/c it had reese witherspoon on the cover...i think she is so beautiful! and while flipping thru the pages i came across some beautiful photos...

how pretty is this!? lipstick and jewels :) love this combo
and look at these adorable!! so funny and cute
OMG it's the LE chanel highlighter i want so badly...interesting how the designs for both clothing and make up were inspired by the byzantine empire...SO getting this when it's released in june...can you believe only 130 will be available in the US!? so crazy limited!
how pretty is her dress and hair in these photos!? gorgeous...i wish i could style my hair that way! love the glamour and old era feel of the '20s

i picked these babies up a few weeks ago at target...they're part of the new calypso st. barth for target collection...look how pretty they look with the roses from my yard! i can smell the fragrant roses right now as i type this :)

i received these pretty lil' things yesterday and today :) how sweet is this tutu dress!? so very carrie bradshaw :) it's 1 size too big but i got it for a lil more than half off! love a good deal! it fits fine at the top but it's just a lil too long...hopefully by gaining 10 pounds it'll fit better...can't wait to wear it w/ a black blazer, some black booties, and my pink chanel purse :) i always wanted to be a ballerina and never was but this will definitely fulfill my fantasy of being one!

and these are THE most comfortable heels i've ever worn! unfortunately my feet weren't made for wearing sad :( BUT these are soooo unbelievably comfortable! there is such great cushioning on these shoes...they're like a dream! part of the reason i got them was b/c i had heard how comfortable they were AND just look at how sparkilicious they are! gorgeous! they also reminded me of carrie's silver manolo blahniks in "a woman's right to shoes" episode :) cannot wait for my other betsey johnson shoes to arrive! so happy with my first betsey purchase - will definitely be purchasing more glitter pollys :)

these shoes are just fabulous! :)

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