May 9, 2011

some bling, some sparkle...and a lil' bit of love

so, last friday i found these on my front long awaited purchases (ok, not that long...i'm just impatient ;)...they actually arrived fairly quickly, especially since the necklace came all the way from jerusalem)! :)

gorgeous handmade rings by can purchase them here! they are SO pretty and sparkley and so affordable! cannot wait to purchase more of her jewelry! sigh...the camera doesn't truly capture how sparkley and beautiful the rings are!

and here's my sweet necklace with the word "love" :) ordered from one of those name necklace sites

i can definitely see this necklace and the pink heart ring becoming apart of my daily outfit :) i decided on the love necklace and heart ring so i can always be reminded that LOVE is always with me and always surrounds me...anytime i forget this i can look in the mirror or down onto my hand and be reminded that GOD loves me and He always will! such beautiful truth :)


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