May 19, 2011

shabby chic by rachel ashwell

about a month ago i stumbled upon rachel ashwell's blog. i couldn't believe was pure joy :) i was glued to the screen and read thru all her posts and looked thru all of her gorgeous, glorious pictures in one sitting! ahhh to live near a shabby chic boutique! i swear the next time i'm in santa monica or new york or london..i am definitely stopping by her shop...i may not be able to afford any of her pieces but to just walk in her store will be so inspirational and what a treat for the eyes it will be :) for now i just drool and look longingly at the pictures on her blog and in her books!

my first rachel ashwell purchase was back in 2004 and i haven't looked back since :) i remember my roommate and i buying our beautiful simply shabby chic bedding and sheets in target to decorate our young college apartment bedroom...we were so thrilled! haha the simple joys in life :) to this day i still have the pleasure of enjoying simply shabby chic bedding :) below is her belle hydrangea duvet cover and mon ami sheets :) thank you rachel and thank you target for the simply shabby chic line otherwise i wouldn't be able to afford this shabby chic decor! please come out w/ more beautiful pieces..i love love LOVE the line!!

my sanctuary :) oh-so cozy....zzzz...

check out rachel ashwell's blog ~ !!! :)

ahh slippin' into the covers as we speak :) goodnite!

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