May 19, 2011

my heart's desire...

i want to~
*be an advocate for the poorest of the poor
*ride horses on a beach in south america
*visit my world vision sponsor, samuel, and his family in kenya
*always walk humbly with my God
*lay on the beaches of southern france
*always be surrounded by children, love, & laughter
*go on a missions trip to africa & pray for all the precious children
*always see the beauty & good in others
*go back to italy and eat gelato for breakfast (again)
*love and forgive like Jesus
*become a mother and a wife
*always be grateful..for when i have plenty & for when i have little
*have a servant's heart like Jesus
*swim with dolphins in hawaii
*read the Bible not to finish it but to be changed
*run in a field full of blooming flowers in southern california
*never ever forget that my hope is in the Lord and not in man

hope everyone is having a blessed day! love and hugs :)

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