May 26, 2011

misty rose loveliness

i couldn't resist...i picked up the last full/queen size comforter set of the misty rose print from the simply shabby chic line at my target. i didn't need another set of bedding but had been eying this for awhile...and finally caved! i do love it :) i feel like a fluffy cupcake with layers and layers of pink frosting in my bed feels so luscious! haha i've never called my bed luscious but it is! BUT shhhhhh...i actually love the print on the belle hydrangea much much more (you would think i would love this more since it's pink..ha). ooh, i hope the belle hydrangea comes out in a comforter as well!!! :)

and cupcake nails! nail polish color is so similar to the fluffy pink color of my bedding :)
this is 2 coats of essie's french affair :) it looks more pink in person but the flash is making it look more white than pink!

real life misty rose...they smell sooo delicious :)

goodnite all :)

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