May 23, 2011

gratitude and a little prayer...

Lord, thank you...thank you for the many blessings you've brought into my life. thank you for the many trials i've had to face...thank you for never allowing me to have to face them alone...YOU are always by my side. thank you for the doors that you've opened and thank you for the rejections i've experienced...i now know those rejections were YOUR protection. thank you for the many creative and gifted people you've brought into this world who write such beautiful worship melodies and love songs to you - they touch and transform millions and millions of people's lives everyday...thank you for using these people for your good in a way that no one else can. thank you for my health, thank you for my family, thank you for SAVING me, and thank you for this precious life you have given love others and to be loved :) there is SO much to be thankful for and i never want to go a day without praising your goodness! <3

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