May 4, 2011

another gorgeous day lovin' this weather! today was another beautiful day in the 80s...and tomorrow will be another warm day just in time for cinco de mayo! so below was my OOTD at to wear skirts and dresses when the weather is actually warm!
my fave thing about this outfit? the skirt and shoes of course! the teal in the shoes matched the skirt perfectly :) funny thing is i've had these shoes for about 4 years and NEVER wore them b/c i had forgot about them in the back of my closet and just recently discovered them while spring cleaning my room!

shoes weren't the most comfiest today but i think they just need breaking into :) i believe i bought them at macys...they're from chinese laundry.

soooo...i received my last audrey book from amazon yesterday! and i also picked up some shabby chic decorating mags...i love looking at pictures of beautifully decorated homes and rooms :) they're so uplifting and inspiring and just plain beautiful to look at. and the sweet old lady at the CVS register couldn't help "oohing" and "ahhing" at the mags too :)

the book contains photos from when audrey was filming of my favorite audrey movies (most favorite is the first audrey movie i watched as a fair lady)! love the cinderella stories :)

ok time for some online make up shopping and then off to bed! goodnite :)

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