May 26, 2011

augustana...steal your heart

oh i've missed you...

love the fireworks and <3's in this music video :)

misty rose loveliness

i couldn't resist...i picked up the last full/queen size comforter set of the misty rose print from the simply shabby chic line at my target. i didn't need another set of bedding but had been eying this for awhile...and finally caved! i do love it :) i feel like a fluffy cupcake with layers and layers of pink frosting in my bed feels so luscious! haha i've never called my bed luscious but it is! BUT shhhhhh...i actually love the print on the belle hydrangea much much more (you would think i would love this more since it's pink..ha). ooh, i hope the belle hydrangea comes out in a comforter as well!!! :)

and cupcake nails! nail polish color is so similar to the fluffy pink color of my bedding :)
this is 2 coats of essie's french affair :) it looks more pink in person but the flash is making it look more white than pink!

real life misty rose...they smell sooo delicious :)

goodnite all :)

May 25, 2011

prayers for joplin, missouri

it's almost hard to believe all the devastation that is occurring in joplin, mo while the rest of us in california are untouched by these storms. i was driving home from work today and heard on the radio about a 15 year old girl, hannah, who just went thru surgery to remove painful cysts from her ovaries and while she was recovering, her doctor discovered a kidney stone which will need to be removed as soon as she recovers from her first surgery. her father said that she is in great physical pain but as soon as she heard and saw the devastation in joplin, she stopped what she was doing and immediately began praying for the thousands of people that are now homeless and hurt by these storms. she told her father that when she saw the great devastation in joplin her own physical pain went away and all she could do was pray for these people.  she told her father she now knew why God had placed her here on this earth - to be a prayer pray for all the hurt and brokenhearted. wow. if we could all be a prayer warrior like hannah, what a different place this world would be.

tonight i read Psalm 46:1-3. i could not have read this at a better time. it is amazing how God provides certain words and verses of encouragement right when you need it. what perfect words to give comfort and hope in these uncertain times.

"God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam
and the mountains quake
with their surging."

God is always our refuge and our strength :)

please pray for all those that have been ravaged by this awful tornado and please pray for hannah to heal quickly and completely! <3

fresh roses from the garden :)
beauty created by God

May 23, 2011

gratitude and a little prayer...

Lord, thank you...thank you for the many blessings you've brought into my life. thank you for the many trials i've had to face...thank you for never allowing me to have to face them alone...YOU are always by my side. thank you for the doors that you've opened and thank you for the rejections i've experienced...i now know those rejections were YOUR protection. thank you for the many creative and gifted people you've brought into this world who write such beautiful worship melodies and love songs to you - they touch and transform millions and millions of people's lives everyday...thank you for using these people for your good in a way that no one else can. thank you for my health, thank you for my family, thank you for SAVING me, and thank you for this precious life you have given love others and to be loved :) there is SO much to be thankful for and i never want to go a day without praising your goodness! <3

May 19, 2011

my heart's desire...

i want to~
*be an advocate for the poorest of the poor
*ride horses on a beach in south america
*visit my world vision sponsor, samuel, and his family in kenya
*always walk humbly with my God
*lay on the beaches of southern france
*always be surrounded by children, love, & laughter
*go on a missions trip to africa & pray for all the precious children
*always see the beauty & good in others
*go back to italy and eat gelato for breakfast (again)
*love and forgive like Jesus
*become a mother and a wife
*always be grateful..for when i have plenty & for when i have little
*have a servant's heart like Jesus
*swim with dolphins in hawaii
*read the Bible not to finish it but to be changed
*run in a field full of blooming flowers in southern california
*never ever forget that my hope is in the Lord and not in man

hope everyone is having a blessed day! love and hugs :)

shabby chic by rachel ashwell

about a month ago i stumbled upon rachel ashwell's blog. i couldn't believe was pure joy :) i was glued to the screen and read thru all her posts and looked thru all of her gorgeous, glorious pictures in one sitting! ahhh to live near a shabby chic boutique! i swear the next time i'm in santa monica or new york or london..i am definitely stopping by her shop...i may not be able to afford any of her pieces but to just walk in her store will be so inspirational and what a treat for the eyes it will be :) for now i just drool and look longingly at the pictures on her blog and in her books!

my first rachel ashwell purchase was back in 2004 and i haven't looked back since :) i remember my roommate and i buying our beautiful simply shabby chic bedding and sheets in target to decorate our young college apartment bedroom...we were so thrilled! haha the simple joys in life :) to this day i still have the pleasure of enjoying simply shabby chic bedding :) below is her belle hydrangea duvet cover and mon ami sheets :) thank you rachel and thank you target for the simply shabby chic line otherwise i wouldn't be able to afford this shabby chic decor! please come out w/ more beautiful pieces..i love love LOVE the line!!

my sanctuary :) oh-so cozy....zzzz...

check out rachel ashwell's blog ~ !!! :)

ahh slippin' into the covers as we speak :) goodnite!

May 18, 2011

vogue pics & more

i picked up the may issue of vogue b/c it had reese witherspoon on the cover...i think she is so beautiful! and while flipping thru the pages i came across some beautiful photos...

how pretty is this!? lipstick and jewels :) love this combo
and look at these adorable!! so funny and cute
OMG it's the LE chanel highlighter i want so badly...interesting how the designs for both clothing and make up were inspired by the byzantine empire...SO getting this when it's released in june...can you believe only 130 will be available in the US!? so crazy limited!
how pretty is her dress and hair in these photos!? gorgeous...i wish i could style my hair that way! love the glamour and old era feel of the '20s

i picked these babies up a few weeks ago at target...they're part of the new calypso st. barth for target collection...look how pretty they look with the roses from my yard! i can smell the fragrant roses right now as i type this :)

i received these pretty lil' things yesterday and today :) how sweet is this tutu dress!? so very carrie bradshaw :) it's 1 size too big but i got it for a lil more than half off! love a good deal! it fits fine at the top but it's just a lil too long...hopefully by gaining 10 pounds it'll fit better...can't wait to wear it w/ a black blazer, some black booties, and my pink chanel purse :) i always wanted to be a ballerina and never was but this will definitely fulfill my fantasy of being one!

and these are THE most comfortable heels i've ever worn! unfortunately my feet weren't made for wearing sad :( BUT these are soooo unbelievably comfortable! there is such great cushioning on these shoes...they're like a dream! part of the reason i got them was b/c i had heard how comfortable they were AND just look at how sparkilicious they are! gorgeous! they also reminded me of carrie's silver manolo blahniks in "a woman's right to shoes" episode :) cannot wait for my other betsey johnson shoes to arrive! so happy with my first betsey purchase - will definitely be purchasing more glitter pollys :)

these shoes are just fabulous! :)

May 17, 2011


"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord". ~ Psalm 27:14

i was reading the book of Psalms (one of my favorite books of the Bible) tonight and was struck by this last verse in the chapter. wait. just wait and be strong...wait for the Lord. so much of the time i want to do things my way and do what i want and i forget to think about His will for me. i tend to forget Jesus has a plan for me and sometimes (well a lot of the time) i rush into things foolishly...i may not know all of the little details but i find comfort in knowing that He is guiding the way if only i would take the time to wait and listen. this is such an encouraging and hopeful wait for the Lord. He is there and will always be there if we just wait patiently...    

May 15, 2011

magical dresses & creations by wildskin!

O.M.G. just purchased this beautiful, romantical, magical, lacey, butterfly, flower dress from a creative and spirited lady on etsy! cannot wait for this to arrive!! :) you NEED to visit her etsy shop...wildskin!  she has some truly beautiful and breathtaking pieces! love handmade just makes them that much more special, unique, and one-of-a-kind :)

seriously cannot wait to purchase more of her beautiful, fairytale like dresses, skirts, and oh-so much more! below is a picture from her etsy shop of the dress i just purchased! i am absolutely in LOVE! (ok that was a lot of exclamation points...haha i'm just super excited about this dress and my new found place to buy gorgeous, lacey dresses :D)
hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

May 9, 2011

some bling, some sparkle...and a lil' bit of love

so, last friday i found these on my front long awaited purchases (ok, not that long...i'm just impatient ;)...they actually arrived fairly quickly, especially since the necklace came all the way from jerusalem)! :)

gorgeous handmade rings by can purchase them here! they are SO pretty and sparkley and so affordable! cannot wait to purchase more of her jewelry! sigh...the camera doesn't truly capture how sparkley and beautiful the rings are!

and here's my sweet necklace with the word "love" :) ordered from one of those name necklace sites

i can definitely see this necklace and the pink heart ring becoming apart of my daily outfit :) i decided on the love necklace and heart ring so i can always be reminded that LOVE is always with me and always surrounds me...anytime i forget this i can look in the mirror or down onto my hand and be reminded that GOD loves me and He always will! such beautiful truth :)


babies...laughter...and bubbles :)

saw this a few weeks ago and just watched it again...this is LOVE!

i am DYING over how sweet and adorable this is! could watch this ALL DAY! <3

May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all the mommies!! :)

"mothers are the best social workers of all." ~ audrey hepburn

here's my mother's day was a bit chilly today so had to pull out the boots and jacket...
top: target
jacket: h&m
tights: express
boots: aldo
and of course i had to add in a lil' pink to the outfit! added a hot pink bow to the hair...and nails & ring were pink to tie out the look :)

my moms, grandma, and sister a couple yrs ago! <3
mom and i last year in tacoma, washington :)

hope everyone had a lovely and blessed mother's day! xo

May 5, 2011

national day of prayer & happy cinco de mayo!

 i pray for all the single mothers out there who support their children endlessly...i pray for all the homeless who are in need of shelter and nourishment...i pray for the brokenhearted to find comfort and relief in the arms of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ...i pray for the lonely, the sick, the depressed, the hopeless...and i pray for all the children who feel worthless and unloved...KNOW that you are LOVED by our kind and gracious and forgiving LORD!

who will you be praying for?


May 4, 2011

another gorgeous day lovin' this weather! today was another beautiful day in the 80s...and tomorrow will be another warm day just in time for cinco de mayo! so below was my OOTD at to wear skirts and dresses when the weather is actually warm!
my fave thing about this outfit? the skirt and shoes of course! the teal in the shoes matched the skirt perfectly :) funny thing is i've had these shoes for about 4 years and NEVER wore them b/c i had forgot about them in the back of my closet and just recently discovered them while spring cleaning my room!

shoes weren't the most comfiest today but i think they just need breaking into :) i believe i bought them at macys...they're from chinese laundry.

soooo...i received my last audrey book from amazon yesterday! and i also picked up some shabby chic decorating mags...i love looking at pictures of beautifully decorated homes and rooms :) they're so uplifting and inspiring and just plain beautiful to look at. and the sweet old lady at the CVS register couldn't help "oohing" and "ahhing" at the mags too :)

the book contains photos from when audrey was filming of my favorite audrey movies (most favorite is the first audrey movie i watched as a fair lady)! love the cinderella stories :)

ok time for some online make up shopping and then off to bed! goodnite :)

May 3, 2011

boo :)

after a loooong, tough day at work (NOT a fan of working in finance during month end)...this lil' guy ALWAYS cheers me up! such a chunkster...can't wait to have one of these! haha...i never thought i'd say that about a little dog...i'm such a big dog kind of girl.
he's just too adorable! "like" his page on


May 2, 2011

wish list...

just some things i've been drooling over recently...

1) in love with this delicate "love" ring...i've already bought a love necklace and heart ring and someday i'll pick this up as well...once i get a promotion and can afford it that is :)
2) will definitely be picking up one of these babies soon! can't help it. i'm a lipstick whore. and a blush whore :)
3) manolo blahniks! someday these will be my wedding shoes :)
or these :)
4) beautiful is this!? but it seems nowhere to be found! it's the limited edition lumieres byzantines de chanel...gorgeous! the cream highlighters look like would be so hard not to use :)
5) and i NEED this nail polish in my life! opi's vodka & caviar...
now it's bedtime...goodnite :)


May 1, 2011

spring has finally arrived!!

spring finally arrived this weekend and so did some other goodies :) the weather was so nice today...dare i say it was "hot"!? i'm so loving this weather and hope it stays this warm through the summer. below is my OOTD...finally the weather was warm enough to wear a dress to church. dress and shoes are from forever 21, while the jacket is from h&m. i also wore some urban outfitters aviator sunglasses :)

also had to share the pretty pink bucket and pink roses i picked up this weekend! love the shabby chic style :)

the below goodies showed up at my front door this weekend! SO excited for my audrey books (and marilyn monroe calendar :))...i wasn't able to put them down all weekend. the audrey books were serious eye candy for me :) i'm waiting for one more audrey book and hope that arrives in the next few days. the more i read about audrey, the more i absolutely adore who she was and what she represented. she's a woman after my own heart with her love for children...especially the poor and less fortunate. her beauty radiated from within...she was so gracious, grateful, and kind hearted that it showed on her face...even at 70 she looked like she had barely aged.
audrey once said "...I think that's what life is all about actually - about children and flowers", and i completely agree except i would add that life is all about children, flowers, and JESUS :)

and for good measure some more fave audrey quotes...

"Even when I was a little girl, what I wanted most was to have a child. That was the real me. The movies were fairy tales."

"The world has always been cynical, and I think I'm a romantic at heart. I hope for better things, and I thank God the world is also full of people who want to be genuine and kind."

"The human obligation is to help children who are suffering anywhere in the world. All the rest is luxury and trivial."

on a side note, with the news of osama bin laden's death, i'm praying for all the people in the middle east. i pray for the safety of all christians...i know the Lord will protect each and every one.

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