February 14, 2017

Beauty Review // bareMinerals Queen Phyllis

Oh my...I have owned this little piece of heaven for years, but only recently re-discovered it while cleaning out my makeup bins. I absolutely love bareMinerals Queen Phyllis eyeshadow! However, I don't use it as intended - thanks to Laura from buynow/bloglater, I've been using eye shadows as highlighters :)

A few posts back (ok, maybe several), I talked about how I desperately needed an eye brightener (here). I tried a few I had listed in my blog post, but none truly worked for my under eyes. So, then I resorted to using highlighter as an eye brightener - I liked the look (while others like my sister did not), but I didn't love it. I always used way too much highlighter (I love me some highlighter) and it was always a bit harsh under my eyes, BUT it looked better than the sallow skin that was underneath all the highlighter.

Then I decided to try Queen Phyllis to see how it would look under my eyes. And bam! This little beauty was amazing. It's also so versatile - yes, there is a pattern here - I love products that are multi-tasking. Since it's a loose powder it's so easy to blend in with my moisturizer as well to give that dewy look to my face. You can also use this as it's originally intended as an eyeshadow.

When you look at the powder it's a bit intimidating because all you see are flecks of glitter. However, when you apply to your skin, there's hardly any glitter - I would say this is more of a frost than glitter, but I'll be honest...you will see a few specks of glitter left on your skin. I don't mind a minimal amount, but for those that are glitter averse, I'd probably stay away from this powder.

Get it now while it's on sale/ in the last chance section of bareMinerals! I hope they do not discontinue this but it's not looking good that it's in the last chance section (sigh).

Happy Valentine's Day!


February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Ads

There's nothing more American than Super Bowl Sunday with all the food and commercials (plus puppy bowl, which is my favorite). I am certainly no sports buff, but I am reminded of my days in advertising with all the major ads we see during this sporting event.

These were some of my favorite ads this Super Bowl.

And Hyundai for the win! I disliked working with this client (mainly their agency) when I was in adtech, but honestly, this is the best commercial for so many reasons.  It truly has a soft spot with me as my brother is in the army and has been deployed to Afghanistan.

I hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl celebration. I'm not an avid sports fan, but I've always cheered for the Patriots since my sister is pretty much a Bostonian and Tom Brady is from San Mateo!


January 29, 2017

Unshakable Faith

As I was listening to a sermon online, I felt it so deeply in my heart to quickly post about unmovable faith (sermon linked here for reference).

In light of everything that is going on in the world and in my life, I pray wholeheartedly for unshakeable faith from the Lord. At the moment, my country is going through uncertainty and turmoil with the new President and I'm questioning my own career change - doubts of how I will make a living with what I enjoy doing.

I know my life is in God's hands. He has a plan for me and for you. We must always continue to trust in Jesus. We must endure and have faith.

I pray for the enduring faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, David, and so many more who wholeheartedly trusted in the Lord, especially, in uncertain and troubled times.

Hope you had a blessed weekend.
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